UFC 138 “Leben vs. Munoz” Results LIVE

UFC 138 “Leben vs Munoz” — LIVE November 5th from the LG Arena at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England.

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  1. Chaelsucks says:

    I did not think this event was going to be good but it surprised me.  Good fights.  It finished in time for me to watch some of the Pro Elite debut on HDNET…what a joke.  I am all for MMA and have supported and watched it all- Pride, King of the Cage, Affliction, Dream, M-1 Global, Sengoku, even Elite XC…and this was a total joke.  This made Elite XC look like a legitimate promotion.  It was awful.  Reagan Penn, BJ's brother was terrible.  Arvloski won by KO in the last second of the fight but he looked terrible even with the win.  Tim Sylvia won as well but he looks crappy as well.  Arvloski and Sylvia think that if they keep winning they will be back in the UFC- I doubt it.  They are having a difficult time with nobodys and are BORING!!!  Give it up.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The stats show it all, none of the fights went to a decision and the matchups were really good. I was starting to doubt Leben after he got KO'd by Stamm but he is like a walking zombie in there. He walks through big shots, he's fun to watch. But he needs to evolve from the straight forward style and show more mobility in the cage.

    I was going to watch Pro Elite but I saw that they moved Tim Sylvia vs. Arlovski out to separate fights. That shows they probably had a weak card and were saving that matchup for later. So I didn't watch but I caught the replay of the Arlovski head kick KO.

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