UFC 125 Video: Gray Maynard On Seeking Revenge Against Frankie Edgar

Although Gray Maynard holds a win over the UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar, he doesn’t have the title. On Jan. 1 in Las Vegas, Gray Maynard will get a shot at the UFC lightweight title.


  1. I know GSP gets a lot of stick for being a "boring" fighter but if you really want to see a boring fighter who really can't finish fights you just have to watch Gray Maynard and his gray'n'pray. A lot of people blame this lay'n'pray on wrestlers but I remember wrestlers who use their wrestling to smash opponents like Tito and Coleman back in the day.

    Main fighters these days who lay'n'pray are Jon Fitch, Gray Maynard, Rashad Evans, Jake Shields and these tactics seem to win fights for them. Its boring as hell but it works. These guys don't like to finish, it involves taking too much of a risk and they feel better just controlling (stalling) the fight on the ground for 3 rounds.

    If Gray wins the title and Rashad wins the title then we are going to have some boring boring title defenses to look forward to in the future.

  2. the gibinator says:

    i agree about maynard and evans but not fitch, i personally hope shogun knocks evans the fuck out!!! bj is gonna have a tough fight with fitch and i hope frankie can retain on new years day.

  3. It's boring as hell if you cannot appreciate the technical skills of grappling Dumb Fuck.

  4. jake shields almost put dan henderson away via gnp, his last fight was a little more boring though. Evans is nowhere near lay n pray. Maynard has been a little boring to me lately, since he didn't even try to pass on kenflo.

  5. tug2CC, first off, go fuck yourself! And second I can appreciate good grappling seeing as I train in mma, I live in Ireland so we train in kickboxing, jiu jitsu and some judo for grappling, seeing as though I am from europe we do not train american wrestling but the whole point of fighting in mma is to finish the fight. I can appreciate fighters who advance to dominate positions to finish by submission or open them up to ground strikes. Watch the Jake Shields vs Kampmann fight again and try to defend Shields tactics you dumb piece of shit

  6. The point of the business is to win.

    First you cry like a girl about "Lay and Pray"

    Then you change your entire stance when I challenge you,

    and claim that you appreciate it.

    ONCE AGAIN…before you respond Dumb Fuck, stop and think about what you want to say. Don't change your opinion just because I don't agree with it. Have faith in your own ideals and then back them up.

  7. Actually in mma these days and esp in the UFC the point of the business is to be exciting. Fighters who finish fights and are exciting move up the ladder faster than those who are "boring" and grind out decisions. If you are right we'll say then why didn't Jon Fitch or Gray Maynard not get title shots sooner?? It took Gray Maynard 8 consecutive wins (almost all decisions) to get a title shot while an exciting fighter like Diego Sanchez only needed 2 wins (exciting) to get a title shot. You are wrong you piece of shit.

    And in response to me changing my mind, I didnt change my mind, I can appreciate good grappling but Gray Maynard, Jon Fitch, etc is NOT good grappling, it is boring grappling or stalling, I have rolled against guys like them who try to hold you down in one position for a number of minutes without any submissions attempts and only advance to minor positions like from guard to half guard and back. Its boring to watch this and its even boring to roll with guys like this so you can go fuck yourself. This is called Lay and pray, Gray Maynard is one of these people.

    If you want to see GOOD grappling where fighters try to finish from strong position like side control and full mount check out a few of these fighters, Jon Jones, Randy Couture, Cain Velasquez, Shane Carwin, Dan Henderson, even guys like Yushin OKami try to finish….Gray Maynard doesnt… PS. go fuck youself tug2cocks

  8. Maynard all the way. Gonna go just like there first fight. Edgar getting slammed over and over again…sounds good to me :)

  9. MMA maniac says:

    Include GSP on your list of boring fighters too. Well I think that edgar is totally a different fighter now with well rounded skills and a reat game plan. Maynard is boring but he still evolving

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