UFC 125: Shane Carwin vs Roy Nelson Official

The UFC has officially announced the heavyweight fight between Shane Carwin and “Big Country” Roy Nelson at UFC 125 on January 1st from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.


  1. Nibblewolf says:

    Big Country is gonna get smashed.

  2. i think im gonna go with big country on this one just because i think he is one of those really good fighters that looks deceptive…

  3. carwin definitely won't try cycling off roids with all of the controversy and bad press in the past few months. i'm guessing he'll be a little less powerful and country can take it. i'm betting on big country.

  4. YeahBuddy says:

    BC survived with JDS and could possibly take SC. We shall see, don't count the fat man out.

  5. True that Yeahbuddy

  6. I'll go with Carwin via easy KO. Carwin will be able to stay on his feet. Easy win for Carwin. Especially after watching Dos Santos fight which was ugly performance. Nelson wont be able to eat punch after punch from Carwin.

  7. Nichole Lesniak says:

    While I would never ever count Nelson out, I don't see this as an easy win for Carwin. I think Nelson will have a hard time taking Carwin down, but at the same time, Nelson is far from having a glass jaw. It'll be an interesting match-up for sure.

  8. Al Van Dal says:

    Carwin's only mistake against Lesnar was that he gassed, he'll come in with better cardio and somthing to prove………Carwin KO 1 st round

  9. i agree carwin will smash him

  10. I agree with Nichole, especially since Big Country has been knocked out. Doesn't have a glass jaw, but definately has been knocked out by good strikers.

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