UFC 125 Edgar vs Maynard Results LIVE

UFC 125 “Resolution” — January 1st, 2011 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Anchoring the card is a lightweight title fight between Frankie “The Answer” Edgar and Gray Maynard. Frankie holds the title, but Maynard holds a unanimous decision victory in there first fight at UFC Fight Night 13 “Florian vs Lauzon”.

Tonight’s schedule,

Undercard: 8pm EST
IonTV Broadcast Undercard: 9pm EST
PPV: 10pm EST

Main Card

IonTV Undercard


Event Notes


  1. Kim, Silva, Gomi, Stann, Edgar

  2. MMA maniac says:

    did diaz get robbed or what

  3. I am to the point to where I would rather listen to a Spanish broadcast than listen to that F'n Joe Rogan know it all. I am sick of his and Goldie's biased ass. Its ridiculous. Fuck Joe Rogan and Goldie.

  4. A draw!?!?! WTF???

  5. It happens in the fight game

  6. I know it happens but how can anyone get a 47-47out of that fight?? Grey owned him in the first. Grey should have won that fight IMO.

  7. PoppyNick says:

    Good PPV…..too bad the judges had to ruin the final fight. It was a great fight but IMO Maynard won that fight.

  8. 47-47 seems about right. maynard wins rd1 10-8, rd2 Edgar 10-9, rd3 maynard 10-9, rd4 and 5 edgar 10-9 thats 47-47

  9. kos = crap says:

    draw was scored right…diaz did lose…and mckee got shut up

  10. PoppyNick says:

    I could see 47 – 47 but I thought Grey and Prey won the 5th.

  11. I didn't really think grey won any round other than the first. I think in the other rounds all he had over Frankie was control of the cage. I thought the striking went to Frankie, along with the few takedowns.

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