UFC 125 “Edgar vs Maynard” Fight Poster

UFC 125 “Resolution” — January 1st at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Rumored fightcard,


Frankie Edgar vs. Gray Maynard [t]
Shane Carwin vs. Roy Nelson
Takanori Gomi vs. Clay Guida
Chris Leben vs. Brian Stann
Nate Diaz vs. Dong Hyun Kim


Thiago Silva vs. Brandon Vera
Phil Baroni vs. Brad Tavares
Antonio McKee vs. Jacob Volkmann


  1. "Resolution"?

    That is awful

    Come on! Open the Thesaurus and come up with something better. Geeez

    Anyway there are a few interesting match ups here:

    Edgar vs. Maynard – Edgar will win but this could be an excellent bout

    Carwin vs Nelson – Must give Carwin the nod, but again it will be fun to watch!

    Gomi vs Guida – Very promising

    Diaz vs Kim – Another interesting one!

    and Silva vs Vera on the undercard no less

  2. ironcjb82 says:

    I would much rather see vera vs silva on the main card then watching diaz vs kim.

  3. CobraClutch The REAL says:




    Who gives a fuck about the last two

  4. cobra who gives a fuck about you

  5. Agreed, it's easy to see who are the fans here

  6. Edgar





    Guaranteed action packed fights. Keep Vera vs Silva on the under, that fight is already making me sleepy. Spike better put Phony Baroni on the broadcast. I love watching him get strangled or knocked out cold.

  7. maynard





  8. This looks like a real good card. There are a couple matches on the undercard that could be on the main card and probably 3 fights that could be the co-main event. So why cant they spread out these matches so that we don't get events like the last one. I know that the matches are only on paper and that the fighters make good matches but come on…Bisping VS Sexyama as the main event? Really?

  9. Well…I don't really have time for this, but here are a few one word titles that I think are far better and more commanding than UFC 125 Resolution:




    UFC 125 EXCECUTION (as in execute a win)


    What do you think?

  10. pretty good Tico, do any marketing?

  11. Extermination

  12. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Tico – You have a better title?

  13. Perspiration

  14. Why do they even need a title? Some get titles while others don't. I am all for consistency.

  15. constipation

  16. Hah, just read the op and realized what we're talking about. I think resolution makes sense. Gray is pissed that it's not him holding the belt (personally i don't think gray would've beat bj). He wanted the title shot cuz he's undefeated and he already beat frankie. What's not to get?

  17. So you think the title is based on Gray Maynard being miffed?

    I don't think they hold his opinion so high.

    Either way I think the titles are stupid and it's just a copy of Pro Boxing. They should be original and do their own thing.

  18. Nichole Lesniak says:

    I was being sarcastic, Tico. The title fits just fine. It doesn't have to be "commanding."

    Resolution also means determination. You don't think that fits?

  19. Snoop Doggy says:

    Resolution is a terrible name for a Bout, the name should market the bout as being powerful and exciting, otherwise why include it?

    Fizzle Shizzle my Nizzle :)

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