UFC 124 “St-Pierre vs Koscheck 2″ Results LIVE

UFC 124 “St-Pierre vs Koscheck 2″ — Live December 11th from the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Headlining the card, The Ultimate Fighter 12 coaches Georges St. Pierre and Josh Koscheck face off for the second time in a welterweight title fight.

PPV: 10pm EST
UFC.com broadcast preliminary bouts: 9pm EST
First fight: 7:30pm EST



Event Notes

  • Mac Danzig earns 100k for KO of the Night
  • Jim Miller earns 100k for Submission of the Night
  • Mark Bocek earns 100k for Submission of the Night
  • GSP and Koscheck both earn 100k for Fight of the Night
  • The Bell Centre is Sold Out for tonight’s UFC 124.
  • It was announced that fighters will receive 100k each for the fight of the night bonuses.
  • UFC.com will broadcast the two preliminary card fights – Mark Bocek vs. Dustin Hazelett and Joe Doerksen vs. Dan Miller.
  • UFC 124 Videos


  1. Kos by KO

  2. That is a bold prediction Manny, my hat is off to you

  3. (spoken in Canadian French accent)

    All the people who doubted me and said I am a "lay and pray" guy. You can all go to Hell.

    I am not impressed with your postings.

    This will make you all better posters, and come back stronger for next time.

  4. Kos was decimated. It was awesome to see GSP not afraid to engage in a stand-up battle, he really took it to him with crisp boxing and footwork.

  5. Well at least we'll ever hear any more of the GSP Haters on here whining that he won't stand and strike. Anyone that bitches about that now is a putz

  6. never…not ever

  7. His standup did look great, I just wish some of his combinations were longer.

  8. GSP showed what can be done in MMA when you actually train in and apply yourself to the boxing aspect of the sport. His standup was incredible. Hopefully this is the end of the GSP Lay and Pray era.

  9. Take nothing away from GSP his stand up was great……my problem is he still didn't finish the fight. You have a guy who can only see out of one eye and still didn't finish the fight. That is my only complaint on the outcome.

  10. Anderson would beat him because his strking is so much better and GSP's only strength on anderson would be his wrestling and I also think Silva has better BJJ than GSP. I know GSP is a black belt in BJJ but not as good as Anderson.

  11. Am I the only one who is disappointed GSP’s game plan was rather limited? Jab. Inside Leg Kick. We get it. I thought he should’ve tried to finish the fight more. Especially in the 4th and 5th rounds. This kind of supports Dana’s theory that Greg Jackson’s fighters don’t finish fights in my mind. Yeah I get sticking to a game plan that’s working but I would think that GSP has the skills to finish a guy who can’t see his right side.

    And by the way that was a striking clinic and NOT FIGHT OF THE NIGHT!

  12. I love listening to newbie fans talk about – "Why didn't he finish the guy?"

    Have you ever fought? Not just MMA but any martial art?

    "Finishing" someone is rare, finishing a top tier fighter is rarer (is that a word?)

    He dominated him, stop your fucking whining!

  13. Amen, Tray.

    The world is filled with keyboard warriors long on opinion and short on reality.

  14. Hey Tray, check yourself before you call someone a newbie bro. I'm a grown ass man and have been watching MMA since the UFC came to the states in 93. Has nothing to do with whining…..GSP could have finished that fight. Not trying to be a keyboard warrior only stating I was disappointed he didn't finish Kos off. That is all I was saying. So before you or your boy Dadpa start calling people whiners and keyboard warriors get you chit together.

  15. OK Bro!

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