UFC 123 “Rampage vs Machida” Results LIVE

UFC 123 “Rampage vs Machida” — Live November 20th from the Palace of Auburn Hills arena in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Following the success of his hit move the A-TEAM, Quinton Rampage Jackson returns to the Octagon to face “The Dragon” Lyoto Machida. Also BJ Penn steps back up to welterweight to face Matt Hughes for the third time.

Pay-per-view: 10pm EST
Spike fights: 9pm EST





  1. Machida- KO (Why not?)


    Sotiropoulos- Tko


    I don't know who those last 2 are…




    don't care



  2. Wo!

    I did not see Hughes getting rocked like that!

    Penn is back!

  3. Machida should have won that fight. He certainly won the third round, even Rampage said he whooped his ass…

  4. I hate machida, he is quick sand for entertaining fighters. Rampage clearly won the first two.

  5. Aldo Raine says:

    Wow that was a dumb call. Machida won that fight. I say immediate rematch because even Rampage knew he lost that fight. Rampage was pretty classy though and knew he lost and said there should be a rematch so I have to give it to him though.

  6. You are SO right Tug2Much, if fighters are not entertaining then they should not compete in MMA. To hell with the sport!

    Kimbo rules!

  7. i'm usually a machida fan but i'm glad he lost tonight. he is usually passive but then attacks. this time he was just passive until the third. holding rampage, clinching and doing nothing. i'm glad the judges gave the aggressor the win.

  8. MMA maniac says:

    did you guys notice that falcoa had the rear naked choke and they stopped in 7 seven seconds too soo before the bell rang in the first round

  9. he did but harris did a half tap. the ref didn't think it was a full tap and i didn't either.

  10. MMA maniac says:

    Only If BJ caught egdar that way it would have been great. But I guess Edgar has his number

  11. I thought that Rampage won the first two rounds. I think it was a good decision. Karo looked terrible. His fighting days are numbered. It was weird what happened to J-Lo and Brown…they both looked great in the first round of their fights and then came out and looked horrible in the second rounds. Unless Hughes just wants to fight, to fight, then he should give it up. He has slowed so much and is not strong like he used to be.

  12. What is a "Half Tap"?

  13. Rampage clearly eeked out the first two rounds which therefore game him the split victory. He was the aggressor and the only thing Machida did in the first two was a few leg kicks. Good call by the judges.

  14. i think the machida-rampage fight coulda gone either way. Rampage was certainly the aggressor in the first 2, but machida actually controlled rampage in the clinch, which was a shock to me. I figured the stronger dude would win that. In the next fight i think macjida's clinch will be a key to victory.

    Karo is done.

    Good christ bj smashed matt.

    I thought sotiropoulos had sub of the night as well, but i don't think they're gonna do double bonuses if they can help it.

    1-handed kimura was epic. I love seeing new submissions.

    All-in-all i think i called the card pretty well.

  15. ampage  himself said Machida ''kicked  his ass''

  16. \rampage  himself said Machida ”kicked  his ass”

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