UFC 122 “Marquardt vs. Okami” Results LIVE

The UFC 122 “Marquardt vs Okami” — LIVE November 12th from the Konig Pilsener Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Live fight action takes place in Germany starting at 1 pm EST

For US fans, UFC 122 will air via tape delay at 9 pm EST on Spike TV.


Main Card

Preliminary Card

Event Notes


  1. so happy

    Nate did not look like he was trying to get a title shot he looked horrible and does not deserve to be with the best. Okami did not impress me either but at least someone else will get a chance. Nate would have suffered the same result as last time against silva he has not improved. The sad thing is Chael Sonnen dominated both these guys including silva (just needs to works on submission defense) steroids or not he is the only true contender in the division right now he has the heart of a champion love him or hate him he always performs. Everyone talks about how awesome Nate is in training and how prepared he is but does not show up on fight night. This really could have gone either way because Okami did not bring anything new to table either same boring fighter who Silva will have easy time with if he beats Vitor.

    Hope Sonnen gets appeal comes back for late spring early summer title shot the guy rocks.

  2. MMA maniac says:

    One the most boring cards in UFC history

  3. CobraClutch The real says:

    Fights like these make me say that MMA is some boring shit sometime and boxing will remain top of the food chain

  4. Flying Armbar says:

    This was not a great event but it was OK. The Okami/Nate fight was crappy but most of the others were OK, even if most went to the judges. Hey it was not a PPV event…so you can't complain to much. The level of the events will rise once the WEC fighters start fighting on the UFC cards.

  5. Let me get this right.

    You think that a guy that cheats with illegal narcotics has the heart of a champion?

    Are you retarded?

    What sort of fighter will he be like when he's not doping chemicals into his blood?

    What sort of demeanor will he have in the Octagon when he enters the fight clean and is not cheating like he did vs. Silva?

    He could not finish a fight while he was on performance enhancing drugs, how do you think he'll improve without his secret "edge"

  6. Must agree with Timmie.

    Sonnen has the heart of a Cheater,

    but when he was drugged up, he fought like a true steroid champion!

  7. I must agree with Timmie as well. No way in hell you can say a guy like Sonnen "has the heart of a champion"…..CMON MAN.

  8. horrid card, good thing it was free

  9. thank god i watched the manny paquia (sp?) fight. Saw these fights and what a shameful card. The best fight on it got canceled, lol.

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