UFC 121 “Lesnar vs Velasquez” Results LIVE

UFC 121 “Lesnar vs Velasquez” — October 23rd live from the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA. Brock Lesnar returns to the Octagon to defend his UFC heavyweight title against well rounded Cain Velasquez.

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  1. Lesnar








  2. cain

    kampmann (Shhhhh!)










  3. ironcjb82 says:

    lesnar – by murder



    hamill – I hope !


  4. Cain








  5. MMA maniac says:

    Well Carwin was undefeated when he faced lesnar and now same situation Cain is undefeated. Who did Cain take down: Kongo, rothwell Both non wrestlers. Who did he knock out a washed up big nog

  6. I got Lesnar -160 4.8 units to win 3 units


  7. PoppyNick says:

    That was beautiful!!!!

  8. PoppyNick says:

    MMA maniac….you can add your boy Brock to that list of people Cain has taken down.

    Brocks cheek looked like a porn star.

  9. MMA maniac says:

    brock could not see because of the blood covering his face and eyes. Immediately he got back up and was smiling after the fight was stopped and looked like he could go another round. BUT HEY Cain won fair and sqaure but Brock was not out clean

  10. MMA maniac- Really? He was smiling because he just got his ass handed to him and he was embarrassed (sp?). First of all, he looked too gassed to even stand up. The last time he was up, before the fight ended, he was falling all over the place, spinning in circles. Second of all, the blood and cut would have prevented him from going another round- that was a pretty bad gash on his cheek. Third and last, there was still what about 45 seconds left of punishment for him in that round, if it were not stopped….so really, I doubt that he could have gone another round.

    Cain was awesome! Lesnar is a monster but he finally went up against someone that was a better all around fighter, has similar wrestling skills, and has more gas in the tank. Lesnar will be back but he better work on his stamina and on his striking. We saw it in the Carwin fight and we saw it again, the moment he gets hit hard, he turns or covers up. He needs to improve his blocking and stop making those beggining mistakes. Come to think of though he is pretty much a begginer, having only 7 mma fights under his belt.

    The last thing I want to say is VIVA MEXICO!!!

  11. This was the best event in a while.

    I would not be shocked if Gonzaga and Tito were cut from the UFC. Gonzaga has just not been the same since his loss to Randy. He has looked good in some loses but in some he just looked terrible. He looked terrible tonight. Tito is 2-4-1 in his las 7 fights with his 2 wins being over Ken Shamrock. He is done.

    Diego looked great. Going back to Jackson's must have helped. Paulo looked real good even in a loss.

    With Shields victory over a very underrated Kapmann, he may be one win away from a title shot. He needs to work on his stand-up and cardio but his showing helped to show that there are great fighters outside of the UFC. Props to the UFC for signing but after beating henderson, who was one of the top fighter in the UFC before leaving (only losing to Rampage and Silva), Sheilds showed that even when he was with Strikeforce, he belonged at the top.

    Finally, my man Cain. He dominated the man that nobody was supposed to beat. Cain looked looked great in how he was able to stand up after being taken down, twice and his stand was awesome.

  12. Businessman says:

    So this shakes things up in the HWT rankings. With being dominated so thoroughly, in my opinion, Lesnar drops to 3, with Cain at 1, and Fedor at 2.

    For everyone that thought Lesnar was to go on and be the best of all time, his second loss came about 30 fights shy of Fedor's.

    He may be the strongest and possibly the best wrestler in mma, but as Cain proved tonight and Fedor has proven all along, usually the most overall mma fighter is going to win.

  13. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Great show… Good to see Lesnar lose. He is definitely a beast, one the best wrestlers of all time, and a freak of an athlete but he is not a complete MMA fighter. He was able to POWER through, way smaller guys in Herring, Mir, and Couture but he could not do the same with bigger guys. Carwin gave him a run for his money and if he was smarter could have beaten Lesnar… and Cain, whipped his ass tonight.

    Does this mean that the next HWT title match is Cain VS Dos Santos? That should be a great match. But, I don't see anyone beat Cain for a while.

  14. That's what I am talking about…we got a UFC champ today. President of the US is next! We already control this mother and we are going to keep getting stronger baby. Proud to be Mexican-American…or as Cain displayed – BROWN PRIDE.

  15. Last time I checked being born in the US doesnt make you mexican, even if your marketed as such

  16. Brock is another Kimbo! Just passing by. This was pretty damn funny to watch! Carwin should have one his fight wid Brock. Maybe we will see a rematch in the future. I dont think Cain will hold the belt to long.

  17. No, Brock is not just another Kimbo, not after all those wins.

    Love MMA, it just keeps getting better!

  18. Cain definitely showed his superior boxing. He also showed that it's possible to get up with brock on top of you.

    I don't get all this "Mexican" stuff. The dude was born in america and doesn't even have an accent. Not even when he's speaking spanish. Is he a citizen of mexico? that's an actual question btw. Does he have dual citizenship? Or is he just claiming mexico cuz he can. I can understand being proud of your heritage, but the way his heritage was whored out to promote this fight is borderline racist.

  19. who the hell cares if he is white, black, mexican, etc… he is the fucking man in my book..

  20. Mexico is under a lot of heat right now with immigration and their war on drugs. They are proud to cling to anything positive and Cain's win was huge. It's definitely reverse racism because we ALL came from some other country – but it's a pride thing. Just like blacks saying their African American. I don't claim I'm Italian American. Why do you think so many Americans who have hispanic herritage celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Pride. Most (mexican) Americans think Cinco de Mayo is Mexico's Independence day when it's actually not. I like Cain(I've been saying for a year now that he will be champ) and if he wants to claim Mexico, then let him…..Just about every Mexican looking person I know does as well.

    And I fear the next person that Brock faces because he will bounce back from this with a vengance. He has taken his transition very seriously.

  21. Before Brock can come back and start beating people, he has to have a better chin. Thatis his biggest downfall, because he takes a good shot and just completely loses all composure.

  22. don't know if anyone saw the post fight interviews with helwani but a friend of mine that writes for a magazine said the undertaker (wwe) and lesnar had a verbal exchange and apparently Lesnar has been offered a chance to come back and wrestle the undertaker at Wrestlemania. Now I realize this won't happen because he's under contract with the UFC but just thought I'd throw it out there. And if your one of those idiot that says I'm (insert a country) American castrate yourself. your grandparents or by now great grand parents were, your an american you were born here get with the program or get the hell out. Good for Cain he looked good and should hang on for a while as long as he doesnt stand in the pocket for a dos santos or carwin bomb

  23. Rich in NJ says:

    Brock obviously doesnt like getting hit. He found that out in the Carwin fight and confirmed it by turtling up when Cain started the beatdown. He's going to have to do some serious thinking about his future, because getting hit is a big part of MMA.

    STEVEO should tell more people to castrate themselves…My favorite of all his posts!

  24. anytime rich im here for everyones enjoyment and I am with you you can see in every fight, he looks almost afraid to get punched. As soon as someone throws he tries to just cover up and back away. a strategy that hasnt worked out too well his last two fights

  25. he didnt look like he got hit hard either

  26. I agree I would say he took a lot more and bigger punches from carwin

  27. Rich in NJ says:

    true, but Cain left him a fresh new vagina on his face!

  28. I knew this day would come….my boy lesnar loses to the more technical striking fighter…win or lose I love seeing lesnar compete you all need to remember that Brock is still green to MMA, its amazing what he has accomplished on pure athleticm alone in only 3.5yrs of training while fighting just imagine if he can devolop better boxing skills. I wish he would train with Fedor but that's not happening, Brock will be back and I feel sorry for his next for (mir) as he is going to put a beatdown on them. Lesnar chin is fine its his boxing movement and counter striking that needs work, he needs to spare more. Congrats to Cain but seriously enough with this Mexican champ shit….your in America if you love Mexico so much than get the fuck out of my country. It's a disgrace to wave your flag in my country….the only one you should ne waving is the USA flag, call me a racist so what….I wouldn't go to another country and wave my flag around that's disrespectful. This whole thing is Bullshit.

  29. I agree with Tim about Lesnar but not about the other stuff. Tim, you and I have gotten into it about Lesnar before, but I actually loved seeing how respectful he was. If he can get more used to getting hit, I could see him climbing back on top. I don't think he will fight Mir next though, I think he will get the loser of Dos Santos and Cain, or they will give him Carwin.

  30. STEVEO

    I did not get what you meant about Lesnar and "the undertaker" wrestling. The WWE is not wrestling, it's not even a sport.

  31. CobraClutch - the RE says:

    Rich in NJ says:

    "Cain left him a fresh new vagina on his face"

    Leave it to a New Jersey Shore Guido to reveal just how little class the state of New Jersey has.

    You are a disgrace, plain and simple, and your post proves it.

    I feel sorry for your mother.

  32. Agreed 1087%

    Rich in NJ

    We dub three "Snookie"

    You low life piece of filth.

    CobraClutch wins again!

  33. Cletus what STEVEO was talking about is this video right here


    oh and btw can everyone stfu already about the race shit k thx bye.

  34. I didn't think what Rich said was THAT bad.

  35. Snoop Doggy says:

    You mean what Snookie said was not THAT bad, rizzle nizzle

  36. Rich in NJ says:

    I actually thought it was funny. And that WAS a serious gash on Brock's face.

    What's better is I live in the western half of New Jersey nowhere near the shore and I'm Irish, not a Guido.

    And I'm very happy for my mother, she's doing quite well. Thanks for the sympathy, though.

  37. CobraClutch -the REA says:

    I really like weiner

  38. I've heard you love it

  39. CobraClutch - the RE says:

    rubbed on my face, yes. Yes I do.

  40. I heard it was more of a gargling of the wieners by products that really tripped your trigger but rubbing on the face is cool…. if thats what your into

  41. Snoop Doggy says:

    nizzle plizzle yo

  42. CobraClutch - the RE says:

    I like to get into the north-south position with guys in my bjj class and enjoy man-meat in my face.

  43. harry henderson says:

    Businessman has his nose so far up Fedors butt it's not even funny.

    How can you rank a guy that has fought no one of distinction in 3 years and taken a loss to a mediocre fighter in the top 10?

    Fedor will seal his fate by either fighting Overeem next or being a chicken and waiting for the unknown who beat him last time to heal.

    Prove me wrong Fedor please!

    Show the world that your not a coward and a wash up

    or be a punk and keep on taking on nobodies as you hide in strike force.

    I used to have nothing but admiration for him

  44. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Interesting take on things newbie

    Let's shift the scenario to Lesnar who is also in the top ten.

    Imagine if Lesnar refused to take on Cain, or Dos Santos, or Mir and only agreed to fight nobodies for three years or more. Would that drop his rankings?


    I think logic must drop Fedor to number 9 or 10 and if he pusses out to taking on the challenging Overeem, next, then he's out of the top ten HW's all-together.


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