UFC 121 “Lesnar vs Velasquez” Preview Trailer


  1. all I know is cains tattoo is really gay. Brown Pride ?? seriously..thats just bad. Lesnars fist is bigger than his body.

  2. It's no worse than having a Huge penis Tattooed on your chest.

  3. Come to think of it. I like penis.

  4. Oh how clever…. fuck you name thief, whoever you are

  5. Stop stealing my name!!!! YOU are name theif!!!

  6. It's racist that it's Mexico vs US. Velasquez is from the Bronx.

  7. LOL……I didn't make the comment above so looks like the poser is using my name too. I don't give a fuck though….you can keep posing bro it doesn't bother me…go on with your hidden bad self.

  8. Velasquez is wearing a Mexico Flag mouthpiece how is Mexico vs US racist? Is it racist when it's Brazil vs Canada, or Poland vs Japan?

    We have a sport where people from all over the world are competing with each other, sounds pretty racist to me.

  9. I would invite the person that wrote the first post to tell Cain to his face how gay his tattoo is and see where that gets him.

  10. CobraCluck - The REA says:

    I'm going to keep fukin with you douche bags until Cage Today admits he is a punk and that I am the man!


  11. Hey gonzo, just for the record I didn't make the comment about it being racist. Someone is using my name bro.

  12. i just think it's funny that the narrator of the commercial doesn't say mexican. he says mmmexican.

  13. I thought it was the best ad the UFC ever did! I can't wait to see this!!!

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