UFC 121: Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez

Brock Lesnar will defend his UFC heavyweight title against AKA standout Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 on Oct. 21 at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, according to MMA Fighting.

Ariel Helwani confirmed the news with UFC President Dana White on Friday.

Velasquez holds a prefect 8-0 record, his last six fights were inside the UFC Octagon.


  1. was it just me or did cain look scared to fight brock. I mean homeboy wasn't happy

  2. yeah i thought cain looked like…oh s**t that guy is a beast. but what took me by suprise is that carwin in between rounds looked like, what the f is this guy made of steel. he was half pissed the fight wasn't stopped but to see brock pop up after all of that punishment. i'm starting to believe joe rogan's high rants when he says brock has some crazy warrior, viking genetics.

  3. Cain Is a Small heavyweight he could make 205 easy. I think he walks around 235-238 Most 205'ers walk around that weight. So brock is gonna easily have a 40lb weight advantage on him. BUT Cain has excellent stand up and cardio and is quicker than Carwin also. But Isee Brock taking Cain down over and over and grinding out a decision

  4. King Kong says:

    brock by gorilla punches round one. not even close.

  5. Love Cain, but I'm with King Kong. Brock will man-handle him to the ground and beat him like he did Mir.

  6. i agree that lesnar is going to smash cain, would like to see brock and roy nelson, think it would be interesting

  7. dos santos = next champ

  8. cmon guys I think cain is gonna give a better run for his money than mir for sure. Mir just layed there looking for that lucky submission.

  9. I don't see Cain beating Brock in the wrestling game so what can he do? At least Mir has a strong submission game. I'm with T.R., Bring on Dos Santos.

  10. jose the mexican says:

    cain is going to kick his ass

  11. Jose, as awesome as that would be, I doubt it'll happen :/

  12. Put it on the record. Cain is gonna beat Lesnar. He didn't look scared to me. Lesnar's standup is abysmal. Cain is gonna catch him with those lighting fast hands, and Lesnar is going to run just like he did against Carwin, except Cain isn't gonna gas.

  13. Lets not hype up Cain too fast. He got rocked by Kongo. I wouldnt say Cain striking is elite enough to beat brock. Stylistically Brock has the advantage

  14. Kongo has way better striking than Brock. Cain's striking doesn't have to be "elite" for it to be good enough to beat Brock.

  15. noksucow: better striking no, but a hell of a lot more power I think. Heath herring looked fine after fighting Kongo.

    Then he fought Brock got his orbital smashed and looked like he was hit by a truck.

    So if Kongo can rock Cain, imagine what Brock can do.

    I'll be rooting for Cain btw/ but my gut says him winning is slim to none.

  16. Brock does all his damage on the ground. Could he catch Cain? Sure. I just think that Cain is gonna be too quick on his feet and too difficult to keep down.

  17. Yeah But Brock is at another level in Wrestling than Cain. Brock just proved that he took punishment from the hardest hitter in the heavyweight division. I'm sure brock is gonna not make the same mistake and improve and come a better fighter when he faces Cain

  18. it's gonna start out a lot like carwin/lesnar did except cain's relentless explosiveness will be able to finish lesnar once he smells blood and fear in lesnar.

  19. Jay, what makes you think that Lesnar's wrestling is at another level? Carwin and his division II title more than held their own in the wrestling department. If this was a straight up wrestling match then you may have a point, but he's gotta get close first. I don't think he's gonna be able to. Brock didn't just make a mistake that can be analyzed and fixed in the gym, he has a bunch of holes in his standup game.

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