UFC 120 Pic: Robert Downey Jr. Loves America and Carlos Condit

The Sherlock Holmes crew — Actors Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and director Guy Ritchie had front row seats to last Saturdays UFC 120 “Bisping vs Akiyama” show in London, England. Below is video grabs of Downey going ape-shit when Carlos Condit knocks out the Brit Dan “Outlaw” Hardy in the nights co-main event.

Props: CobraClutch for forwarding this along


  1. ironcjb82 says:

    lol that is great !!

  2. Dick Richard says:

    I love it!

  3. freakin halarious

  4. Good thing he wore such ridiculous clothes so we could point him out. Ok, maybe now I'll try Ironman 2

  5. hahah! Gotta love the Downey

  6. Thats awesome!!!

  7. 10001110101 says:

    cobra clutch is now a fucking contributer sending along second hand news from shertard to this site??

    It's officiial, this site has gone to the shits.

    I'm so fucking out of here

  8. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    So long Newbie, don't let the digital door hit you in the ass on the way out!


  9. What a horrible picture of Jude Law, I guess they CGI his scalp in the movies to augument his lack of follicles.

    wow…cc wins again

  10. CobraClutch says:

    I am still the the best for this site :)

  11. CobraClutch The REAL says:


  12. There is a small army of CC's on this site, at least 10 of them.

    One is fairly funny and the others are almost as irritating as the original

  13. CobraClutch The REAL says:

    Tico everyone want to be me lol

  14. i think its fuckin hilarious… especially funny that downey jr is the only person in the crowd standing up cheering…

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