UFC 120: Carlos Condit vs Dan Hardy

According to MMAWeekly, Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy will face each other at UFC 120 on October 16th in London. Hardy will look to return to the UK and get back to his winning ways since losing to Georges St. Pierre at UFC 111.


  1. Condit earned my respect in his last fight… the guy is a warrior! But, I think Hardy will smash him! Hardy has been very under rated… providing he improves his wresltling he will remain top 5!

  2. hardy by tko

  3. gonna agree with everyone else, if hardy can stay in the ring with gsp for 5 rounds he should beat condit.

  4. I'm gonna go against the grain on this one. I'll say condit. Never been a Hardy fan and was never really impressed with him. He showed he was tough in the GDP fight, but still.

  5. i agree i think hardy will out class him. hardy showed how tough he is to sub against gsp and i dont think condit has the striking to beat hardy.

  6. Its fair to say Hardy's wrestling needs much improvement – But its very good on the feet… and GSP did literally no damage in that fight.

    Personally I'd like to see a few rule changes so MMA competitions still look like FIGHTS rather than wrestling matches!

    If a fighter is not improving his position/Going for Subs/Delivering meaningful GnP Then they should stand the fight up…. No matter what way you slice it – A wrestler holder down a fighter or pressing a fighter against the cage for 15mins (Koscheck/Evans style) is BORING!

    I have been watched MMA for many years… starting with early PRIDE.. and I think the matches back then were largely way more exciting!

    With a few tweaks to the rules we could see actual FIGHTERS with belts rather than WRESTLERS!

  7. P4P #1 Fan says:

    Good points DanP. I totally agree. Whether you are standing up or on the ground, if you are not doing anything, then they should restart the action. When a fighter takes someone down, the fighter needs to put on an effective GNP, go for submissions, or advance position. You see very few guys advancing their position on the ground.

  8. Condit by ko

  9. Condit by 2nd round submission. Hardy will have him in trouble before that.

  10. what makes you think that condit can submit him. GSP boring ass tried like 5 times to submit him and no luck. And I do believe even thiugh GSP is gay he is still on on another level than Condit

  11. Condit isn't nice enough to not want to break someone's arm. Watch the GSP/Hardy fight where he has him in a deep arm bar. GSP could have arched his hip for more leverage to break his arm but he didn't. That's BJJ fundamentals to arch your hip for more leverage.

  12. Yeah and He was a nice guy to matt hughes when he arm bared him and he arched his hips right?

  13. Condit is gonna take him i believe .. im not a Hardy fan either for some reason

  14. Anthony says:

    lol you guys that think carlos will win are fuckin crazy. dan hardy will MURK carlos condit..no doubt in my mind, he is on a WHOLE diff level now after the GSP fight.

  15. Kung Fu Panda says:

    I am definitely looking forward to this one and it is hard to pick a winner. I was not a Carlos beleiver and in his last fight, he showed a lot of heart. I was not a fan of Hardy but he did really well against GSP. This will be a good fight. Carlos took a lot of punches in his last fight and if he is not able to defend against strikes better, he will be in trouble. He can't take that punishment from Hardy or he will go to sleep. This one can go either way but based on past performance, I would have to go with Hardy by KO.

  16. CobraClutch says:

    First off Jay, there is nothing wrong with being Gay!

    DanP, those rules already exist :)

    It's up to the Ref to make that call, and as a MMA fan, you know that the Ref is not an employee of the sanctioning body and must make those decisions themselves, however if a fight is standing and neither fighter is throwing strikes, then should they be placed on the ground? I mean if the fight is boring – what is the difference. We've seen lots of fights where two opponents will just circle each other and throw misses…

    I say Condit by decision, every time he fights he improves by remarkable strides, and he'll be preparing for Hardy. Mark my words kids, it's well known that I'm the authority of MMA knowledge on Cage Today, and when Condit wins it will just prove my point all the more. Take notes, there will be a Quiz later.

  17. wtf with da comment

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