UFC 119 Press Conference Video

Highlights from the UFC 119 press conference in Indianapolis.


  1. I pick Mir to win, because he can beat anyone past their prime. Cro Cop should have retired three fights ago. Just because he beat a fan in his last fight, because Barry gave him too much respect and didn't come to fight, doesn't mean Cro Cop can win anything. Mir is a bottom feeder. He'll feed off Cro Cop to try to get to another big fight where he can then lose and go back to the middle of the pack and feed of more mediocre opponents.

  2. Where's the video? That's just a picture. I don't get it.

  3. Cro Cop has a lot of experience. He went 5 full rounds with Fedor when fedor was at his prime. Cro has slowed down. But Mir has got beaten up lately also

  4. I love Cro Cop's taint. It's almost as hot as War Machine's. It's so delicious.

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