UFC 119 “Mir vs Cro Cop” Results LIVE

UFC 119 “Mir vs Cro Cop” — Sept. 25th from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN. Heavyweights Frank Mir and Mirko Cro Cop face of in the main event. Light heavyweight Antonio Rogerio Nogueira will take on two time NCAA Division I All-American wrestler Ryan Bader. Also, the former UFC lightweight champion Matt Serra takes on hometown boy Chris “Lights Out” Lytle.

Cagetoday.com will have live results beginning at 7pm EST.




  • Miss Transworld SURF magazine winner Brittany Ward will stand in as a guest ring girl for tonight’s event.
  • UFC 119 from the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis is officially sold.
  • Joey Beltran and Matt Mitrione each earn 70k for “Fight of the Night”
  • Evan Dunham and Sean Sherk each earn 70k for “Fight of the Night”
  • CB Dollaway earn 70k for “Submission of the Night”
  • 15,811 in attendance for a live gate of $1.6 million.


  1. I saw CroCop is going to quit again in the 2nd round, because Mire is toughter than him. And Joey Beltran ad Matt Matrione is the fight of the night. I think Mation is in line for a title shot soon. He's undefeated in th e cage and deserves it.

  2. Mir





  3. Bader

    Little Nog




  4. Lesnar





    Lady Cyborg


  5. Cobra Clutch


    Dana White

    Scott Coker

    King Kong



  6. kimuraking83 says:

    Mir, bader, serra( I hope), dunham, guillard

  7. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Hey Shut In – is there a reason you're trying to funny and failing?

  8. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Looking forward to the Cro Cop bout, he still has some juice left in his tank, which remids me of my mother back when she was walking the streets for money, she taught me everything I know today. You might call me Whore, but I think of myself as a true MMA fan. So I agree with Jana.

  9. If you'd told me that Guilard/Stephens would go split decision I'd say you're crazy – didn't see that happening.

  10. Nichole, you are the only one here who knows what she is talking about the others are clueless.

    I have not been on this site in six months but I can see that except for your insightful comments it's just a bunch of immature children crying.

    By the way, where is CobraClutch?

    …always looked forward to his commentary.

  11. I agree 174%

    I wait to see what Nichole posts and then just agree with her ad it has nothing to do with her "services"

  12. well said Jay – your getting smarter – keep it up!

  13. Businessman says:

    Brittany Ward is smokin!

    I bet CobraClutch is hitting that ripe tomato, he's the man here in L.A.

  14. this forum sucks anymore!!! Somebody hacked my account JAY!!!! I never said "well said Jay – Your getting smarter – keep it up!

    WTF!!! Jay's a douch.

  15. Decision, decision, decision. This card is ZZZZZZZZZ

  16. Businessman says:

    Terrible Card.

    Thanks a lot Dana, you handsome douche!

    Krishna Copy sucks!

    This site blows without Nichole and CobraClutch

  17. Nichole Lesniak says:

    I'm still here. I write for this site, I'm not going anywhere and I'll plow you for blow.

  18. Why doesnt this site just make it to where you have to register to post like on the espn page. that way people can stop being fucking stupid copy'n names. cause its getting dumb.

  19. Registration coming.

    Almost fell asleep during the main event.

    War Dunham

  20. Nichole Lesniak says:


    This is getting to be absurd!

    The ONLY one I trust is CobraClutch

  21. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Now I see why MMA gets such a bad rep…. most of the fans are in the 5th grade. Try to steal my name and call me a whore. Nice. You gonna pull my pigtails next?

  22. Cage its about fucking time

  23. oh, and I'll bet whoever the troll name thief is will try to register everyone's names… any takers?

  24. Nichole Lesniak says:

    I'll have to use my real name – Chuck Cumstein

    You dorks didn't really think I'm a woman, did you?

    God, you guys are umb

  25. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Wow, that one was just brilliant!

  26. Just turn off comments altogether and just make this a news site. There's no meaningful commentary on here anymore anyways. Insulting Nichole is just stupid.

  27. Yeah, come to think if it. Dane is right.

    registration only solves one problem. it doesn't stop people

    from being idiots.

    Yeah I'm down, disable comments altogether

  28. Nichole Lesniak says:

    How is it that so many other sites can manage to discuss things even semi-civilly?

  29. You mean like Sherdog.com?

  30. read #2…predicted fight of night and crop cop quitting.

    war me.

  31. nichole, do you mean semi civilly like when you called me a pre pubescent moron?

  32. This is getting old. It was funny for awhile when we had two Cobra' but attacking Nichole is pretty fucking stupid. She works hard for this site and post some good comments. I came on hear to read about the fights Saturday and 90% of the crap on here is some poser being stupid. Too bad, because i really like this site.

  33. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Yes, after you implied that I'm Cobra…and thereby I am all the terrible names you called him.

    I'm supposed to stand by and be insulted for NO reason? I have NEVER once insulted someone without first being attacked.

  34. Nichole is sounding like Cobra there.

  35. Nichole is sounding like Cobra there. Either she is Cobra, or there's something to what both of them are saying and there are assholes on this site who look to start fights then forget they started it.

    Time to shut the comments down!

  36. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Are you kidding me, Miko????

  37. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Oh and jbug, I never called you "pre pubescent" only a moron…. the "5th grade" was towards whoever stole my name. Hmmm…very telling.

  38. Wow, things are getting personal around here. Is this what $50 of awful fights brings out in everyone? I'm glad I didnt pay!

  39. You know it's gotta be bad when Sub of the night and Fight of the night both come out of the "free on Spike" Pre-lims!

  40. What did Cro Cop say to Mir when they were pressed up against the cage with about 2-3 minutes to go?

    Cro Cop said something, then Mir asked what, then Cro Cop repeated…then Mir said "Oh, HELL , no!! Hell, no!!" Then Crop cop said something, then Mir, then Cro Cop said "OK, OK ..ha ha ha ha"…then they started fighting again.

    Anyone catch WTF was that all about? Maybe Cro Cop asked Mir if he wanted to just box it out for the last two or agree to take it easy?

  41. seriously dude now you're pissing me off you FUCKING ASSHOLE! Nicole I didnt say you are sounding like cobra….

    This cocksucker's IP needs to be banned

  42. ok at the risk of sounding like cobra. any comments you see after this one WILL NOT be me until I get some kind of an email where I can register my name or something.

    Tired of these brats using my name to make me look like as asshole.

  43. Nichole and Miko, unfortunately it's hard to tell these days who is really who. I went back and found some crap posted under my name that I didn't write. At first it was funny until they started making me look like an ass by attacking other people. Chit does need to stop.

    On a side not Nichole you do do good work and I enjoy reading what you post. I came here today to look at some good mma talk but instead found this poser causing problems.

  44. Let's either disable comments, or get registration going.

    It was funny when it was happening to Cobra, but now it's out of hand! This must be stopped!

  45. I agree must be stopped but I didn't post that above……shit is getting real old who ever the feck you are.

  46. CobraClutch says:

    HaHa bitches! I see my dick is still in your mouths. I win big time!

  47. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Enough already Cobra!

    Just cause your smarter than these other guys does not make your antics acceptable. It's gotten old!

  48. 10001110101 says:

    Smarter? haha thanks I needed a good laugh

  49. Nichole Lesniak says:

    What about that do you find amusing?

    He's insightful, wise, hands-on (trains in MMA), witty, writes very well, and has better knowledge of the sport than anyone here save perhaps me and Cage.

    And I doubt you'll find anyone here that disagrees except for the troll that keeps stealing identities.

  50. 10001110101 says:

    So then you forgot the flame war a few months ago when everyone was hating on cobra and throwing his own words back in his face? Plenty of people on here disagree. And for all we know the troll IS cobra

    This board is so fucked right now I don't even think I'm really replying to Nichole.

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