UFC 119: Antonio Rogeiro Nogueira vs. Ryan Bader

According to MMAWeekly, “Lil Nog” Antonio Rogeiro Nogueira has agreed to face Ultimate Fighter winner Ryan Bader on the main card at UFC 119, September 25 in Indianapolis, IN.


  1. fakearms says:

    Great matchmaking by joe silva here if this fight is actually happening, great test for bader, judging on lil nogs last fight bader could take this fight away from lil nog


    Wasn't Rampage supposed to fight in this match, our was that Big Nog?

  3. Kung Fu Panda says:

    This should be a good match. Bader should be able to take it. Afraidor, I think I do recall that Lil Nog was going to fight Rampager…not sure what happened.

  4. AFRAIDOR: yup,

    I guess they couldn't get someone to sign on the dotted line.

    Too bad too. That fight was much more interesting to me.

  5. Yeah, good find. I just saw Rampage doing Lopez Tonight. Guess he wanted no part of Lil Nog.

  6. Yeah I thought Rampage was suppose to fight lil nog but I guess Machida will do! Both are coming off losses so it'll be an interesting match.

    There were talks about Rashad vs Machida but if Machida beats him again, then what? Shogun Machida III that quickly? Nah

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