UFC 118 Results LIVE

UFC 118 “Edgar vs Penn II” Aug. 28th from the TD Garden in Boston, MA.

Headlining the event is a rematch between the current champion Frankie Edgar and the former champion BJ Penn for the UFC lightweight belt. Also on the card, Randy “The Natural” Couture welcomes James “Lights Out” Toney to MMA in a heavyweight bout.

CageToday will have live results starting at 7pm EST.




  • Event is officially SOLD OUT
  • UFC 118 drews 15,575 attendees for a total live gate of $3 million.
  • Joe Lauzon wins 60k for submission of the night.
  • Nate Diaz and Marcus Davis win 60k each for fight of the night.
  • No knockout of the night bonus was awarded.
  • James Toney is expected to make between $750,000 and $1 million dollars for his performance.
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  1. Penn





  2. nostradomus says:






  3. 10inchWang says:

    Edgar will destroy Penn AGAIN

    Toney by 1st Rd. KO

    Davis submits Nate

    Maia by sub

    Maynard by classic lay and pray

  4. lauzon was a monster

  5. toney taps what a supprise

  6. ok frankie pull us through

  7. Frankie is the man

  8. CobraClutch says:

    I'm confused why Toney made so much for his bout. I thought he had asked White if he could be included in an MMA bout? Even with the Boxing vs. MMA theme, I doubt it added that much steam to the card.

  9. Man am i happy i didnt bet on fights tonight, mia was the only fighter i woulda picked right in the main card, being a sucker i prob woulda taken the 5-1 or 10-1 odds on james toney and looked like a damn fool. Good fight card but to be honest the only REALLY exciting fight that blew me away was the joe lauzon fight, that was fucking so impressive how he dominated Reudiger. I woulda said the Mia fight too cause he showed amazing transitions but Damien got lazy and gased after the half way mark in that fight but you gotta give props to Miranda he showed some great skill evading those subs. But to be honest something looked wrong in Mia's game that night. I'm So dissapointed Kenny Florian didnt fight a better fight eh looked scared to engage until it was way too late. Also wow is the B.J Penn area finnaly finished? and come on we all knew Randy was gonna rape Toney, i'm impressed Toney lasted that long without getting subbed in the first place lol.

  10. Yes i thought Toney woulda tapped after 30 seconds on the ground with Randy

  11. Slight change of discussion but I think Nick Lentz needs to give back his pay check and fuck off out of the UFC. He didnt come to fight, he came to lean!. 2 rounds of leaning?? and wins the fight? Winner at least landed some punches.

  12. I don't think you can say Toney officially tapped out. It was more of a squirmy, gurgling thing with his hand waving.

  13. I know I really wanted Toney to go to sleep and see his eyes roll back

  14. Nate Diaz put a serious beating on Davies but his cockyness nearly got him knocked the fuck out in the first round. Always enjoy Diaz fights and there punching style.

    BJ Penn was disappointing but his corner was even worse. BJ was losing ever round and they keep telling him to keep doing his thing (WTF). Frankie was impressive specially at taking BJ down, but BJ was succesful too at the takedowns so why didnt he continue doing them in round 3 4 and 5 is beyond me? And i agreed with Rogan, BJ should have been throwing more leg kicks to wear frankie out.

    Think Maynard will taking Frankie down alot in there title fight.

    Congrats to Couture on his black belt. oh and for stopping James Who?

  15. Didn't see the card but sounds like couture put one on him, Really bummed out that florian didn't win, I really like to watch him fight, but sounds like I didnt miss much as far as excitement, alot of decisions

  16. Lay Praynard strikes again… :/

    Usually ken is an animal on his back with great defense… what happened?

    I Can't believe ken wasn't prepared for Gray.

  17. I hope Edgar wins in impressive fashion against Maynard because he seems like the more well rounded fighter. I don't know where Penn goes from here if he can't beat Edgar…he probably can't beat Maynard either.

  18. I actually think that Penn would match up much better against Maynard than he did against Frankie… even if Maynard ends up winning the title. I think Maynard is pretty one-dimensional and BJ has run through many like him in the past.

  19. I think Penn should re-match Gomi. If gomi wins then it raises his status in the ufc. If penn wins then it simply gets him back in the win column with a decent win.

    Then Florian should fight tyson griffin as he is comming off a loss also. Then maybe have the winner face the winner of Penn.Gomi.

    I think Maynard has Edgars number. He will out muscle him.

  20. And I think that maybe they should put these fights on the same ppv. that would bring up the interest.

    It may be just me but I wouldn't have much interest in a ppv that is headlined with just edgar/maynard. This fight will basically be a wrestling match. And a bit boreing i think. The card will need to be stacked.

  21. P4P #1 Fan says:

    yeah, the maynard vs Edgar rematch will not be very fun to watch. I don't ever want to watch James Toney in an MMA event again. He knew that Randy was going to shoot in right away and…I don't even know what to say other than he is totally bad, didn't seem to try, and was just a waste. I don't even feel like MMA won any respect over boxing because Toney's effort was terrible. Not to take anything away from Randy because he did what he had to do but this guy, that talked so much crap, looked like a piece of crap.

  22. CobraClutch says:

    It's a message to non-MMA pro athletes that think that anyone can compete in the Warrior Sport. TV Wrestlers, NFL, MLB, NBA, Boxing, you name it, they watch it on the tube and think with their athletics that they can compete. If Toney could not do anything at all for the first time in his career, then its safe to say that the UFC should not try this experiment again. It failed and should not be repeated.

  23. Ever heard of Art Jimmerson?

  24. CobraClutch says:

    No, who is he?

  25. CobraClutch - The RE says:

    Get my dick out your mouth, you fucking poser!!!

  26. go away real one, we like the fake cc. he is nowhere near the douche you are, as a matter of fact, hes not even a douche like you. he seems very friendly

  27. P4P #1 Fan says:


    I don't see this being anylike Art Jimmerson. When Art did it, I can't blame him because he had absolutely no clue what he was getting himself into. Just based on him bringing in one boxing glove, is enough to give him a pass due to ignorance. Back then, he was what in UFC I or II, whichever one he was in so there was not a lot of coverage, not many people knew what BJJ was about, etc. But now, with all the media, TV, and internet exposure that the UFC and MMA in general receives, it is ridiculous to chase Dana around, talk all that smack, and then put on that performance. i would have a least given him credit if he accepted the fact that grappling was going to come into play and he would have at least trained on trying to stop that takedown….I could give him credit if her did even if he ignored, the other aspects of wrestling, BJJ, thai, judo, etc and just tried to stop the takedown and boxed…that would have been OK. He still would have lost but not looked pathetic in doing it.

  28. I agree, it was his ignorant and egotistical smack talk that really made him look so bad and not a loss to a superior sport.

    CC-Real One – what is your obsession with your penis in men's mouths? Very weird and scary.

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