UFC 117: Junior Dos Santos vs Roy Nelson Likely

Roy “Big Country” Nelson vs Junior Dos Santos is in the works for UFC 117 on Aug. 7th from the Energy Solutions Arena in Salt Lake City, UT, according to the Junkie.

Nelson was slated to face Cheick Kongo at UFC 116 before a back injury forced him to withdraw from the fight.


  1. nah this is unfair ….

  2. marcelo says:

    its an absurd. Dos santos deserve at least fight mr velazques and the winner of this fight deserve a title shot.

    Im often seen people saying that Dos Santos is not ready. But will he clean up all the division first to deserve the title shot?

  3. dos santos will destroy the fatman


    JDS should be facing top guys i thought he will get the next shot at the tittle in his next match or he will be fighting cain but I didn't see this one coming

    his nr.#3 or #2 contender

  5. Nelson could be overmatched, but he has been before and won, don't underestimate junior or you may get serra'd

  6. big gibby says:

    i imagine they are gonna save cain for the winner of lesnar, carwin

  7. CobraClutch says:

    Don't underestimate Big Country. He's the former IFL champ, won TUF by decisively beating everyone along the way, and KO'ed the Dutch Skyscraper. He also beat Frank Mir in a grappling match a couple years back, too. He's a lot tougher than he looks. That being said, this is a great test for both of them. Roy will be in the mix with a victory over the streaking and dominating Dos Santos…and Dos Santos will be guaranteed a top-contending or title shot with a victory.

    I do agree 101% though that he should be fighting Cain instead of Roy right now, but what do we know, right? Who knows what going on behind the scenes.

  8. Slash_41 says:

    thats dumb Cain should not have to fight JDS. he's already proven himself against Big Nog. and b-sides big country is on a 2 fight win streak. theres no point arguing about it JDS has to wait for the carwin/lesnar fight AND then the winner of that fight will fight Cain Velasquez AND then will see where JDS will fit in after all that.

  9. jds beat- cro cop, gonzaga, werdum, struve, and yvell

    cain beat- kongo, rothwell, mir, and a buncha nobodies

    i say dos santos is more deserving

  10. woops didnt mean to write mir i ment nog

  11. CobraClutch says:

    I think Cain's crushing of Nog put him next in line for the title shot. Dana kinda said so after the fight. But what does he do until then? He needs to fight somebody.

  12. WHODINI says:

    i think this is Dana's way of making sure big country gets his ass whooped he thinks hes a jerk remember? i believe JDS is gonna beat him up bad

  13. big country says:

    Big Country will spank this junior douche santos. He is always tagged the one who can't win yet he hasn't lost a fight on ufc cameras …hmmm JDS hyped a little to hard IMO, mark my words TKO Big County.

  14. CobraClutch says:

    Both have KO power, and that's the gray area variable, so anything can happen. But when you look at their records, and how they performed in each of their fights, then Junior has a much more impressive run than Big Country.

    Big Country

    .789 win percentage

    finished 80% of those wins

    only 50% wins vs. top-ranked/title opponents, though

    Junior Dos Santos

    .916 win percentage

    finished ALL of his victories

    have beaten and finished any and all top-ranked opponents he's faced.

    JDS, on paper, should be able to take this one easy. But Big Country ain't no slouch and could pull it out. But I'm going to go with the numbers and say JDS by KO in Round 1.

  15. WHODINI says:

    i've never been a big country fan …but i will say he has supprised me even in his IFL days … but i think he's in deep water now .. i would rather see him fight Kongo first .. that would be interesting .. i just don't think he has enough gas in the tank

  16. Yup, Nelson has been very surprising, Santos is favored, but I'll not count anything out.

  17. 10inchWang says:

    I have JDS winning this one. Although, I never bet against BC, he seems to pull wins out of gut.

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