UFC 116 Lesnar vs Carwin Results LIVE

UFC 116 “Lesnar vs Carwin” – July 3rd from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Brock Lesnar returns to the cage to face undefeated Shane Carwin, after a year long struggle with a life altering illness kept him sidelined. Along with matching well in size with Lesanr, Carwin bring with him a undefeated record, wrestling skills and punching power.

Cagetoday.com will have live coverage starting at 7pm EST on Saturday night.



Event Notes

  • The event is sold out!
  • UFC expects 1 Million plus PPV buys
  • Lesnar is expected to get paid $400,000. Carwin is only promised $40,000 for his efforts.
  • 75K Bonuses announced: Lesnar – Submission of the Night, Gerald Harris – KO of the Night, Leben/Akiyama and Bonnar/Soszynski – Fight of the Night
  • Dana White: Cain Velasquez up next for a title shot against Lesnar.
  • UFC 116 Videos


  1. fakearms says:

    My predictions:

    * Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin

    Result: Shane Carwin 1st/2nd Rnd KO/TKO

    * Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Chris Leben

    Result: Yoshihiro Akiyama decision win

    * Matt Brown vs. Chris Lytle

    Result: Chris Lytle decision win

    * Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

    Result: Krzysztof Soszynski split decision win

    * Kurt Pellegrino vs. George Sotiropoulos

    Result: George Sotiropoulos 2nd Rnd Submission

  2. brock is much bigger than carwin look at the pics on ufc.com at the press conference

  3. brock-sexy-lytle-kryzystof-sotiro.

  4. fakearms says:

    jay just because he's bigger doesnt mean he automatically wins

  5. P4P #1 Fan says:

    I can't wait for Saturday. This is a great card.

  6. Detroit says:

    Jay is the funny one

  7. Thats not what I meant. Im trying to say that Carwin is not as big as we thought. I mean Brock is towering over him. Yes size has nothing to do over winning fights. But when you have a guy like brock with size is well rounded then that size matters

  8. Affraidor Millionerk says:

    All I gotta say is look at Arriany's facial expression…..It would be great to be Brock for at least That moment….Mmmmmm….Arrrriiaannnnny…..-(sluurrrp!)-

  9. Kung Fu Panda says:

    That moment yes…but you would not want to be him this Saturday when Carwin whoops his ass!

  10. Fuck Yo Couch! says:

    Affraidor wants to be STEVEO and make believe he's Arianny and slup Brock's Lesnar?????

  11. ahhhh you didn't even have to swear and you used big boy words.


    Yeah, but he still managed to displace/transfer his latent homo erotic infatuation into a situation that had nothing to do with him…me thinks he doth protest too much…Fyc…I hear your mommy calling…now run along and let grown folks do their grown folks thing. Damn, I can't wait till school is back in!

  13. My predictions:

    * Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin

    Result: Shane Carwin 1st BRUTAL KO (ko of the night)

    * Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Chris Leben

    Result: Yoshihiro Akiyama TKO 2nd

    * Matt Brown vs. Chris Lytle

    Result: Matt Brown Decision (fight of the night)

    * Stephan Bonnar vs. Krzysztof Soszynski

    Result: Stephan Bonner decision win

    * Kurt Pellegrino vs. George Sotiropoulos

    Result: George Sotiropoulos 1nd Rnd Sub (sub of the night) think Triangle

  14. 1. carwin by ko (even tho I'm a lesnar fan)

    2. Sexyama by decision (lebens too hard to finish unless your the spider)

    3. brown by tko in 3rd

    4. Soszynski by bloody decesion (possible barn burner and fight of the night)

    5. George by decision

  15. Have to comment on the biggest fight to date. Tonight we will all witness a NEW Brock Lesnar a revamped and much more physically dominant one but this is the first true test of his career as he will get hit, can he take a punch from Carwin and keep going. Personally i am a fan of lesnar and always will be win or lose. But even i have questions that need answering but we all have to remember he is still only 3 yrs in training MMA and has 5 fights come tonight with 4 of them coming against top notch opponents…Carwin is basically 2-0 in my eyes as he has only fought Gonzaga and Mir who are worth a shit all the other fights have been against low class talent. But Carwin is fighting a Freight Train someone who can take him down at will and keep him down there…hit if Gonzaga can take him down freely…Lesnar is going to have his way with him. Now the main factor in this fight is Lesnar truly 100% Now cause for the last 3 yrs Doctors stated that he was only fighting at 60% of his ability and athletic potential.

    Randy said it best…Lesnar is a much better fighter than he was 6 months ago and is alot stronger and faster. If he sticks to his game plan Lesnar Wins hands down.

    One thing is for sure…6months ago Lesnar was on his death bed and in his first fight back he is fighting Carwin a very real and big test. Just keep this in mind either way and especially if Lesnar Wins impressivly as this would mean and hopefully convince people that Lesnar is the REAL DEAL in MMA.

    Lesnar Tko round 1 or 2

    Leban with the upset KO rnd 2

    brown your guess

    Bonner via Decision

  16. By sheer power i.e. Weight, Speed, Strength, no fighter in all MMA can match Lesnar, he has the edge tonight. Lesnar by decision.

  17. Carwin by Decision, he'll prove tonight that the coming future of the HW Division will be more and more huge, power hitting athletes. Cardio will be the factor that decides it between these two monsters.

  18. hellion says:

    I'm unsure, but I lean toward Lesnar by way of Ground n' Pound. Carwin is a better hitter but only on his feet, and I can't see this one standing too long.

  19. Carwin, Leben, Brown, Soszynski, Sotiropoulos, Schaub, Romero, Grove, Harris, ….

  20. Carwin baby! I can't wait to see Lesnar go down! No bigger shake up to the MMA World than to see the two best HW names toppled. The Chaos will bring many kinds great bouts!

    Carwin by TKO

    I wish I didn't have to work tonight.

  21. Lesnar by KO

    Akiyama by Decision

    Brown by TKO

  22. Ural Subby says:

    Brock Lesnar by KO

    Akiyama by KO

    This is going to be a great event! Sent the kids to their Mom's.

  23. Wow!

    Who could have forseen the conclusions of those bouts?


  24. dang my predictions were way off. Great night of exciting fights. Bonner suprised me, Lytle impressed me, Leben excited me, and Lesnar blew my mind. Thankful the ref didn't stop it in the 1st.

  25. LOL…Lesnar by Arm Triangle choke…Holy Shit didnt see that one coming. The New improved Humbled Brock Lesnar. Not to mention a hard core Rebublican.

    All the questions have been answered, Lesnar can take a punch/punches, he has great resiliency and heart of a champion and has some submission skills. Lesnar has excellent Cardio and Carwin doesnt. Just think this is his only 6 fight and 3yrs of training, the man gets better every time we see him fight.

    Damn this is one Fucking scary fighter…He took all that Carwin could throw at him and he was still ALWAYS in the fight he even managed to throw some Knees and punches before the bell sounded and almost got a take down to. Than he dominated the second round and sqeezed the life out of Carwin…he even said i was about to go unconscious so i tapped.

    All i can say is Damn, I do not believe there is a fighter who can stop this guy especially if he keeps improving every fight. Next up is Cain Velasquez…tough fighter but Lesnar should win as well.

    Overall great night of Fights…Leben impressed and Bonner won…

    I was 3-1 tonight not to bad. Cant wait for Silva vs Chonnen…

  26. brock lesnar vs. shane carwin

    I think ultimatly this came down to the fact that shane carwin has never faced an opponent that could take punishment the way that brock lesnar did (kinda). Even though I think that the fight could have easily been ended in the first round, lesnar was defending himself, its whether he was doing it inteligently or not that you have to look at. I think that in the fight shane carwin learned that he needed a drastic change in the conditioning portion of his training camp, and if he does that he will have an easy win over Lesnar, if he could have dominated the second round like he did the first, lesnar would have been done before the halfway point. just an afternote, I thought that the "this is for my family" thing was total bullshit. if he acts like an ass hole after one fight, he might as well act like an ass hole after every fight, the next fight for lesnar, should definatly be cain velasquez, since fedor is basically out of Dana Whites books after his quick loss to fabricio verdum. also, anyone above me who was prediting this to go to a desision clearly does not know the fighting styles of either shane carwin or lesnar, since neither of them have gone to desision, and carwins average fight lenght is 1 minute 8 seconds.

    Chris Leben vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama

    I thought that Leben would win this one since I heard rumors of the fight a long time a go. since there is no one in his weight class that can match the striking power of Anderson Silva, and I would say I was right, since it seemed like Leben was conrolling most of the fight on his feet as well as on the ground. in the end it all came down to who had the better conditioning and the answer to that question was Leben, you could tell that Akiyama was winded when at the beginning of the first round he had his hands on his knees, out of breath, while Leben was calm and collected. lebens superior strikin, ground skills, chin, and conditioning won him this fight. as for him calling out Wanderleigh? silva at the end of the fight, I think it would be a decent matchup, I cant really think of anyone in the middle weight class that I would want to see him face.

    since those are the only fights I really care about on the care I want to spend some time talking about 117

    Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, I dont think this matchup was chosen very well, it could just be me, but it seems like silva has been taking the easy fights latley, I would really like to see Silva take on some of the top contenders in the light heavy weight devision. I think a win from chael sonnen, although unlikley, would put silva in a position where he will have to win to stay. another escapade like the abu dhabi event, and Dana White says that silva will be "cut" and wait out his contract not competing in any fights, it would be interesting to see what will happen to his belt in that instance. Silva better step it up and bring his full effort to this next fight, like he has in the past, or face elimination in the UFC altogether, which im sure no noe wants to see.

  27. I can't believe Lesnar got submission of the night. He's already the highest paid guy in the organization and his arm triangle was not pretty. I thought Lytle should have gotten submission of the night. His BJJ was really impressive.

  28. 10inchWang says:

    Brock by "Homer Simpson" finish. He was exposed, curled up like a scared school girl once he tasted Carwin's power. Carwin defeated himself.

    Leben is the shit, fights with heart. Other fighters need to study him and stop being so boring. (Fitch, GSP, KOS).

    Lytle was ripped off, should have got sub of the night.

    All in all a great card. OK your turn Lesnar nut huggers –


    so you mean to say, a guy survives an onslaught like Carwin's, ends the round with a knee, then comes back and manages to choke out a guy who barely HAS a neck…and that doesn't impress you?! You, sir, are damn difficult to impress. your parents must have dreaded getting your christmas presents.

  30. Detroit Am i the funny one now? how about you fake arms?

  31. I dont know if you were talking to me or not, but Im sayint that if carwin had better conditioning, he would have dominated the second round, and ultimatly take the title, and now that he knows that, who knows how much he can grow as a fighter

  32. Carwin Gave him his best shots and brock took them all. Maybe JDS??

  33. took them all, curled up in a ball on the side of the cage, defending himself, UNinteligently, fight should have been stopped, end of story

  34. JUST THE TRUTH says:

    hate to say it but i told you so Brock Winner

  35. id say carwin winner sice he beat himself… so I guess hes the loser and the winner, which basically means that this fight never happend. I think im on to somthing

  36. Dana said it right "holy s**t". The fight could have easily been stopped and in my opinion brock showed how green his is. He backed away and ran away when he was hurt. that's what you see in amateur mma.

    But what I also saw was a freak Brock who took everything Carwin could give and came back to win by submission. Brock didn't look anywhere near as bad as a normal human would look after taking that punishment. I have total respect for both Brock and Carwin after that fight.

  37. asseater says:

    I watched the fight about ten times now and Carwin only actually hit Lesnar clean with about a handful of shots and a couple of elbows. Brock blocked many with his arms and avoided real punishment . Also Carwins shots were really less and less each time. The second round started with Carwin showing he had nothing left throwing a slow motion punch. Beginning of the end for him.

    Carwin proved that he has only about 3 minutes of fight in him and then he has nothing. Better improve his cardio to compete in this sport. Lesnar looked fresh at the end of the first round after a beating then again in the second. He could go 5 rounds and jake yes Lesnar has gone the distance (herring). Fights have been stopped for less i agree but in those stoppages you question the referee for it being to early. Plus lesnar was defending himself trying very hard to block those shots. Sometimes turtle position is all you can do and it worked and he did throw a couple shots and kicks from the bottom. good call by referee to let it continue cus as you can see brock was fine when he got up. If carwin hit him clean brock should have bee KO'd like everyone else. Cain will be another test. Brock will only get better and more confident from this

  38. Carwin, fight thrower????? little wink to lesnar then lies down and waits for a sub?? big ppv payday for the rematch?? surely not!!!!!

  39. WHODINI says:

    Carwin gave up

  40. TartanTorpedo says:

    Glad the American Psycho pulled out the victory, win or lose he shows desire and always looks like he's been hit by a train.

    Probably one of the best UFC's ever for match-up's, each one was a good/great fight.

    Pity Brock won but it did show the guy can be hurt big time by a heavy puncher.

    Roll on 117.

  41. I definately don't think Carwin gave up. I have seen fights stopped for the same thing Lesnar did. He was not doing anything even when Carwin stopped punching. I do commend him though for being a little more versatile. He did expose Carwins bad bjj. However, I also think it shows that Lesnar CAN be stopped. He got dropped and could have been finished.

  42. WHODINI says:

    yup his cardio sucked ..

  43. Never been a fan of brock but mad props for his performance last night he took a beaten and managed to stay in the fight until carwin blow himself out and then took advantage.

    I must admit i did LOVE the first round seeing brock getting a pounding on was fun to watch but fair play to him and good luck Cain.

  44. ameteur move to back up when you are rocked? Ok keyboard warrior. He should have sat there and tried to dodge and weave to counter with wobbly legs right? Or maybe do a weakass takedown attempt? Better yet, lets do what gonzaga did when he got hit. Lol you should write a book, teach seminars and travel the world teachin fighters what to do when they are extremely hurt. Title the book Rocked Lesnar! What ameteurs do! Give me a break man. I'd like to se you take a hit like that and do what you do

  45. David, I think he meant turning his back and running was an amature move, but I actually don't remember Brock doing that.

  46. the fight was over when between rounds you saw carwin sitting on his stool shaking his head side to side probably wondering what the fuck do I have to do to finish his guy. Props to Chris Leben, as long as he keeps his head on straight that guy can be a challenger with his new found dedication. and I want any guy blasting brock for backing up to sit in there and get hit in the face with one of carwins cinder blocks and not get knocked out or back up, are you kidding me. Also I would like to see Sotoroupoulois (spelling) get in the ring with Kenflo and see what hes really got. Leben vs. Wand would be fun to watch as well.

  47. but i do agree that the fight could have easily been stopped, brock got lucky it wasnt mazzagatti or the lady ref they usually don't let too many shots slide without stepping in.

  48. STEVEO: I agree. While Brock was getting pummeled I was thinking, "He's lucky to have Josh in there and not, mazz or yamasaki" Hell I think even Herb dean would have stopped that fight after Brock took the tenth shot before he did anything.

  49. Leben vs. Wandy?

    Great call!


    I cant believe no one has said this yet…but after all that talk of Leben being a lesser fighter, and being beneath him then losing to him…will Anyone but Justin Timberlake be "bringing sexy back "?! hahahaha…oh, I crack me up!…sorry…couldn't help myself.

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