UFC 115: Rich Franklin Watch Out Chuck Liddell Is Ripped

UFC 115 is a little more then a week away and no Chuck belly in sight.


  1. that barely looks like chuck, it almost looks more like Jon Fitch

  2. chuck looks like hes ready to rock the house, better be ready rich, ice man tko 2nd round.

  3. Bobby Hill says:

    Watch Chuck make a come back and win back the title. That'd be crazy but amazing. Also highly unlikely.

  4. Well lets see He's got 3 guys Standing in his way that already knocked him the F**k out

  5. Big Jon says:

    hopefully he trained his chin too

  6. chuck needs to go back to his old ways. however, i doubt he'll get past machida, shogun, anderson silva, rashad, or even rampage.


    get past Rampage, maybe, if he fights like he did against Rashad….but if I were Tito…I'd keep scheduling surgeries just far enough apart…Chuck looks like he's ready to Kill!

  8. he never will kick rampage's ass

  9. He's been fighting all his life, he is 40 years old now, and he NOW has abs? I'm not buying it. Could have been cosmetic surgery, I just don't think it has anything to do with conditioning and I don't think Franklin has anything to worry about.

  10. CobraClutch says:

    You're right fabio…Rampage has owned Chuck in every fight. Pride, UFC, you name it. He's got Chuck's number.

  11. other derek says:

    hahaha….ummmmm yeah Franklins not worried about chucks baby fat….lol

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