UFC 115 In Vancouver Sold Out In 30 Minutes

Dana White made the announcement that UFC 115 on June 12th from the GM Place is SOLD OUT,

Vancouver sold out in 30 mins!!!! Thank you vancouver we worked hard on getting it there. Thank you mayor robertson [Twitter]

Just a couple of weeks ago the city of Vancouver and the UFC were in a tie up over money and insurance issues in bring the first ever UFC show to Vancouver.

The deal was done, Chuck Liddell vs Rich Franklin in the main event, and a sold out show. Without a doubt, the Canadian fans rival all others in there passion for the sport of MMA.


  1. CobraClutch says:

    I see the future. Mark these words now. A UFC tour around the country, with events even more regularly than they are now. Like once a week. And…a network deal to air them all. There will still be a monthly showcase. But looks like the UFC in moving in the direction of more and more shows, because they always sell out these major arenas. They'd be stupid to not pursue these live events more regularly…and like them or hate them, they're NOT stupid.

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