UFC 112 Silva vs Maia Fight Poster

New poster featuring the UFC 112 title fight between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi.


  1. Does noone remember Damien getting knocked the f*ck out by Anderson? Why does he get a shot and Chael Sonnen doesnt? Hes the only one out of NATE & Damion that hasent gotten beaten the fuck up by Silva. DANA used to be the coolest, but now him and the Fetidda brothers have no clue what they are doing? Not to mention Joe Silva the match maker! WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ONNNNN????? We need a computer to determine who the number one contender is, not a fuckin DUDE!!!!!

  2. maia never got knocked out by silva dumbfuck

  3. CobraClutch says:

    No one remembers Damien getting knocked out by Anderson because it never happened.

    Well, not YET. Hahaha.

    And NY King wants a BCS type system for the UFC, like that works so well in College Football. Hahaha.

  4. Maia hasn't fought Anderson so couldn't have been knocked out NYKING80 that was probably you playing XBOX bro. Sonnen would have got the fight but was medically suspended after the Marquardt fight. So Maia was the next option. Don't know anyone else in the UFC at 185 who deserves a shot more than Maia…185 is probably the softest division in the UFC right now. you've got Anderson at the top then Marquardt, Sonnen, Wanderlei , and Maia round out the top of the division. And I don't see Bisping, Gouveia, Okami,Quarry, Miller, or any of the other guys in the UFC's 185 division breaking the top 5

  5. 185 is a level playing field at the moment. Maia, Sonnen, and Marquardt stand out. But there is a lot of guys who are at the same level as each other. Bisping, Belcher, Akiyama, Miller, Okami can all snatch top places with 1 or 2 more wins.

    it's a strange situation. The guys i mentioned above are all top level fighters in their division, its just Anderson Silva is a such a higher level people dont think any of the top MW's deserve to fight him.

    If Rich Franklin was still champion, a guy like Maia would have been a great opponent, as would Okami (close fight between those 2 at UFC 72), but because Silva is the champ, it seems nobody is good enough to fight him, despite being a top fighter in his weight class.

  6. By the way the 1st post was stupid. Who are the Fertidda brothers? A perfect example of someone talking about a subject in which they know nothing about.

  7. other derek says:

    i thought these two fought already and it was the worst 5 rounds in mma history with maia laying on the ground the whole time while anderson was standing????

  8. other derek says:

    oh wait that was thalis leites ,,,nevermind

  9. I'm a serious mma fan and i'm really disgusted of how the ufc is running their business. Dana is talking shit about strikeforce and Hershel because he is not confident enough and he deep down feels that strikeforce is a threat to his business. Look I dont blame dana he has made big fights in the past and he offered fedor 30 million for 5 years. So we cant just point fingers at him.

  10. First you say he disgusts you, then you say you can't blame him.

    Which is it?

  11. Well he is a 2 face but you cant blame him either because he has put on some spectacular fights

  12. has anyone else noticed they make maia look as much middle eastern as possible for the poster. kinda funny

  13. people from Brazil are Indigenous they look like various ethinc groups. I dont think ufc purposely made Maia look middle eastern. Look at Andersson he looks african American but he is not he is brazilian.

  14. i know hes brazilian i was just trying to stir some shit, i love it when someone gets mad and puts a 80 line message on here (TIM) but this isnt about lesnar so he wont read it.

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