UFC 111: Nate Diaz vs Rory Markham

Nate Diaz fresh off a loss to Gray Maynard at UFC Fight Night 20, has already signed up for a fight with Rory Markham at UFC 111. Nate will jump up in weight for the first time, making his welterweight debut against the IFL standout.

“I could have been more explosive if I felt better, ,but I think that was probably his best day, and that was pretty much the worst I could have felt. [MMAJunkie]“

UFC 111 “St-Pierre vs Hardy” takes place on March 27 from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ.


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Nate was skinny for a lw so making the move to ww isn't the smartest thing to do. At least it will be fun watching him get tossed around like a rag doll. If he does stay with this move then he better bulk up a bit so he has to cut a good amount. 6 foot isn't short for ww and was tall for lw but he needs to fill out his frame.

  2. rory could knock nate out..Rory is fucking jacked for 170..he is a big 170 and i think nate will bet in trouble if he trys to stand with him..

    Nate be smart get the takedown and win by a sub in the first please..

  3. Afraidor Millionenko says:

    Oh No!!! Rory could be in trouble if Nate gets ahold of him in that deadly Lover's Hand hold technique! Or his Cat's paw batting hand swat! HAHAHAHAH! What an Effing Joke! Maybe Joe Rogan could get in there next and have his turn whuppin that a$$! Both Diaz Brothers are wastoids who shouldn't get another chance at any title…just due to their gross Douchiness alone!

  4. They both look like the type of guy you would catch something from.

  5. This was a good move for NICK but lets be honest nate isnt half the fighter his brother is. Nick needs to lose the weed and come back to the ufc. He is wasting his talent. Nate Diaz on the other hand is trying to get better at things in the wrong order. Anymore you need to be strong and powerful or atleast fast. Nate really isnt anything but a good technical fighter. Bulk up hard and it your protein nate. If you he has any chance at 170 he will need to be a very solid 170.

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