UFC 110 “Silva vs Bisping” Fight Poster

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  1. PoppyNick says:

    Nog/Cain will be a good fight. Bisping/Silva could be boring….especially if Bisping takes the approach of throw a couple of jabs run like hell…throw a couple of jabs and run like hell.

  2. no way silva is going to go after micvheal fast and early

  3. Bisping is a very solid Fighter, but not at all exciting. Silva on the other hand can explode, although he's not young anymore. When he was in Pride he was a real showy fighter, lots of fun to watch. It could go either way.

  4. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Wanderlei’s never in a boring fight… some times it costs him but I see that fight being more exciting than Nog vs Cain even if that fight isn’t bad.

  5. sploogesplatter says:

    Nog is going to get thrown around and beat up by Cain but somehow get a submission win

  6. i think wandi is gonna win. he is always a great show. and nog will do well. i am going with him also.

  7. Im going with Nog, you can never count him out of any fight. Velasquez is a great fighter but i dont think his wrestling game is a good match up for someone with the BJJ level of Big Nog.

    Im going to go for Bisping, since the fight with Kang he will have a lot of belief in his GnP and i think that will be his game plan. Im not counting Wand out at all, he can finish the fight with a single shot. I just dont think he will be able to land it on Bisping.

  8. Wandy’s gonna wear him out

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