UFC 109 “Relentless” LIVE Results

UFC 109 “Relentless” Feb. 6 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.

UFC Super Bowl weekend matches up two legendary fighters Randy Couture and Mark Coleman for what should be a battle for the ages. Also, Nate Marquardt must get past Chael Sonnen in order to get a rematch with the UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, winner gets the title shot.

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Event Notes


  1. Couture, Marquardt, Swick, Miller, Serra, Danzig, Guillard, Nover, Stann, Hague, Gracie

  2. Couture, Marquardt, Thiago, Maia, Serra, Danzig, Guillard, Nover, Davis, Hague, Gracie

  3. Couture. and im gonna take Sonnen just because..Thiago.Maia,Trigg …….i think its a must win for him. …. Dnazig,Melvin ….he needs a good showing too ,Nover,Stann,Hague,Gracie

  4. 0-4 in the unaired fights. Hope this trend doesn't continue.

    The UFC is far behind, skipping ring entrances, not announcing the decision scores.

  5. ok so phil davis looks like a beast. Is chael that good or just a bad match for Nate? LOL how about Rolles Gracie? what was that?

  6. Coleman needs to hang um up he looked like garbage out there…… I was wonderin the same thing about sonnen, he's been on a little run here where he's looked great, but with silva ahead I expect a ko loss in his future

  7. CobraClutch says:

    Rolles must be a Gracie by marriage or adoption. There's no way Helio's genes produced that pathetic display we saw tonight. What an embarrassment.

  8. I knew sonnen was good, but he made marquart look like an amature. Randy looked good in that fight. Most people aren't, but I was happy to see Serra win. What is the deal with Nover?

  9. Sonnen is the new Matt Hughes middleweight. He's a tit but top fighter. If he could get Silva to the ground (thats a big IF) i think he'd really harm Silva.

    Anyone else think Coleman just looked like an oldman last night. I think he'd be better calling it a day, sure the old man still has power but no movement or technique.

    As for Randy, what can you say. He like the next evolutionary step for man. Amazing.

    Cant wait to see who he fights next?

  10. this had to be Novers last chance Ryan. Hes fallen along way from the next gsp/silva to fighting at the county fair. I kinda think its all mental with him, maybe thats why he faints so much.

  11. I'm glad I didn't order this card! My budy did and he was mad as hell.Who realy thought Coleman was going to win. LOL! Man Randy should be ashamed of his self. He should have let Coleman do a little something! Randy was realy excited about beating Coleman! Can you believe that. Randy must have had some doubt in his mind. I don't know why? And Coleman talkin shit to Tito was funny as hell. Tito will probaly sign a fight wid Coleman and beat the shit out that old man! Coleman needs to retire. He was great in his time,he should just leave it at that.Can't wait for the real pay per veiw in two weeks. Man lastnights fights should have been on SPIKE TV.

  12. "Paulo Thiago earned a $60,000 bonus for submission of the night."

    That's weird. On the air Joe and Goldie said that couture's

    RNC was sub of the night and Paulo's choke was the turnaround of the night…. which I also don't get.

    Turnaround would imply that swick was kicking ass…. not quite.

  13. john i dont know about tito beating coleman, other than the forrest decision tito has won a meaningful fight in about 7 years it seems like. we will see how much shit talking and excuse making (the usual) tito is doing after chuck fucking murders him again. Marquadt either had a horrible night or sonnen is that good i think its a bit of both. thiago looked good. id like to see randy fight forrest.

  14. BJJ Brown Belt says:


    The submission of the night and the turnaround of the night are different than the fight of the night, sub of th enight and the KO of the night. But I hear you. How they didn't pick Paulo's for sub of the night is stupid.

    This was a crappy show. I thought it was going to be crappy since they had Coleman on as the part of the main event….but I order them all so what the hell. I knew it was going to be bad and it was. Coleman should not even be on a UFC card, let alone be on the main event but this is what happens when the UFC tries to sell events to the casual fans (they held this fight because they were two big names) and when they hold so many events…when is the next one, in 2 weeks? I know it is about making mone, like any other business, but when they hold meaningless fights just for the draw or when they schedule too many events, they just water down their shows. I like Serra despite his big mouth, but if the UFC was serious about only putting on good shows, Serra, Trigg, Coleman, and Rolles Gracie should not be back, EVER!

  15. @ BJJ Brown: I agree except for Serra, he's still a top fighter. He showed how bad Trigg is and as been decent in all his fights. Even his fight with Hughes we could have easily got the decision on that one.

    From whats been reported, both Coleman and Trigg have been released.

  16. BJJ Brown Belt says:


    That is good news. I was starting to think that the marketing machine behind the UFC was going to try to capitalize on a Coleman vs Tito fued…which is meaningless. Hopefeully they did let Coleman and Trigg go. I have trained BJJ with the Gracies on and off for 12 years and am loyal to the family but Rolles has to go to! He was not only terrible but he show no heart and no gas. I am OK with Serra.

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