UFC 108: Rashad Evans In Las Vegas, Ready For Fight With Thiago Silva

Having no wins in 2009, Rashad Evans looks to prove his spot on top the UFC light heavyweight division with a win over Thiago Silva next Saturday at UFC 108.


  1. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I see Thiago Silva taking this one

  2. Yeah Rashad Does not give any respect to his Opponents. He did the same with Machida and ended up getting KTFO.

  3. yeah i see Silva whomping him too

  4. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I hope Silva knocks him out in the first round. I cant stand Rashad at all.

  5. I agree, i hate Rashad…i hope Silva KHTFO again like Machida did

  6. i'm going for rashad i don't think he's a dick anymore. but i think thiago silva is going to win.

  7. i wish thiago would win this fight but to be honest its not gunna happen. ya they have both only lost to machida but machida was the first top fighter silva ever faced. Rashad is a dick and i dont like him but hes a better fighter and has proved it against way better competition. the machida fight was the first time ive seen rashad in trouble. ive seen thiago in trouble in a lot of his fights. hell mendes almost knocked him out with a head kick. i think rashad wins by decision and then faces rampage.

  8. yeah mendes knocked silva out?? for silva to come bk and make mendes tap from gettin punched in the face, i dont see how people can shit on rashad so much, how arragant etc you think he is he's completlely humbled in my eyes, how can you be arragant by admitting you got dominated and even admitting you tried everything even listening to the person he hates most. Cool guy who gonna knock silva out

  9. people think rashad is arrogant which blows my mind. even in TUF 2 he was down to earth and a cool guy. i'll admit i thought he was boring but i'm rooting for him to win thiago silva.

  10. Kom34 are you new to MMA or something?? Rashad is a complete prick. No class in the ring at all. He has had his moments which is what you appartently noticed in this season of TUF but he is still a dbag. Any chance he got he made fun of Rampage like a 7yr old. Don't get me wrong Rampage was a tool as well but Rashad is an arrogant prick and there is no denying that.

  11. I do think Rashad will win this fight though as he is the better fighter….still doesn't change the fact he doesn't respect his oppenants or shows any type of class in the ring.

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