UFC 108 Evans vs Silva Results LIVE

UFC 108 “Evans vs Silva” live January 2 from the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, NV. Headlining the cards is former UFC light heavyweight champion “Sugar” Rashad Evans taking on the hard hitting Brazilian Thiago Silva. Silva is coming off a impressive win, knocking out Rashad’s good friend and training partner Keith “The Dean of Mean” Jardine at UFC 102 “Couture vs Vera”.

Also British super striker Paul “Semtex” Daley will try make his mark in the UFC by taking on submission master Dustin Hazelett in the co-main event.

Cagetoday.com will have live results starting around 7pm EST, followed by the PPV at 10pm EST.



Event Notes

  • Cole Miller wins Submission of the Night ($50,000)
  • Paul Daley wins Knockout of the Night ($50,000)
  • Joe Lauzon and Sam Stout win Fight of the Night ($50,000 Each)
  • 13,255 fans in attendance, earning the UFC a $2 million gate

UFC 108 fight videos here


  1. Evans is going down again

  2. I'll wait to see the results posted tonight. Hard to get excited for this one. This has got to be the most lack luster card of th year so far…which isn't saying much considering that it is January 2nd.

  3. I think Evans will be too fast for Silva. I like them both, but I just don't think it is in the cards for Silva tonight.

  4. wondering if anyone can help me out on this…i heard thiago walks around at around 240 to 245 and cuts down to 205…anyone know if this is true?

  5. Not a great card :( . hopefully some of these fighters step up give some great fights.

    only really looking forward to seeing Paul "Semtex" Daley and hope he gets a good victory.

    On the main event; I see Rashad winning as he's faster and Silva will most likely be stupid and go gun slinging from the start, which plays to Rashads style. Silva could KO rashad but i dont think he'll catch him.

    I see Rashad winning by Decision. I think Rashad will out box Silva and also takedown Silva sometimes too.

  6. Brian- it is possible but damn a weight cut that big would suck.

  7. Silva, Hazelett, Miller, Lauzon and Dos Santos

  8. This really should have been free on Spike.

  9. Wow Rashad is a joke. If he thinks he is gonna be able to even touch Rampage he is crazy. Thiago did more damage with 1 punch than he did the whole fight. Taking someone down should not be your only offense. Oh my bad he did throw wild looping hooks to get the takedown. I think its safe o say Rashad was a little scared to trade and it was obvious the Machida fight affected him and has IMO made him a boring fighter. Thats what you call fighting for the decision. What a pathetic main event. Paul Daley needs a ground game but he can strike with the best of them.

  10. Evans won that fight just for the take downs!!!!

    That is it.

  11. Steve i agree, Rashad's win is what MMA fighters call a BITCH win. Although he had an effectice gameplan takedowns should not be your only offense i knew going into this fight he wouldnt truly engage but only throw a few shots to get the takedowns and than only let Silva back up because of this BJJ skills, Silva did the best impression of Rashad i loved the mocking. I was at Hooters watching the fight and when they said rashad won which i already knew the table next to us screemed like crazy, FYI more than half of them were Black…just saying and when i yelled out he won Bitch style i almost got in a fight but facts are facts Rashad is a bitch and it wasnt like he took him down and GP him…come on…Silva could of won that fight but in all honesty i think the mocking of Rashad was somewhat better than a victory for Silva….that was some funny shit, that 3rd round made the whole card for me and it only cost me buffalo wings and a bud light to watch..got to love Hooters.

  12. Another BS fight card from Dana. Should of been a free one tonite.

  13. Tim I totally agree with that statement. Seriously Rashad may have won but like you said it was a good showing by Thiago. He got hurt by a guy that was mocking him with his hands down telling him to stand and trade like a man and he wouldnt. Not only that but the crowd who was backing Rashad started booing him and jumped on the T Silva bandwagon because they respected the warrior in Thiago to want to fight and not just play it safe. I really wish they would penalize a guy for just laying on the other guy. Pride rules that shit and throw a yellow card at him if he isnt trying to fight. Dang it why couldnt one of those uppercuts land clean on a noodle legged Rashad. Then I wouldnt be sitting here dissapointed at another UFC event.

  14. Hope semtex fights against Alves now, that would be an awesome. Koscheck or fitch could be a good fight for him to work his takedown defence.

    As for people moaning about the fight card; you dont need big names to have good fights. No big hyped up fights last night cause of all the injurys yet there was still quailty fights. 2 quailty kos (semtex & dos santos), quality subs (miller & kampmann) and the two fights that went to decisions were good fights.

  15. Stand Up And Fight says:

    If Rashad gets a title shot after that I am going to be sick. The MMA judges need to pull there heads out of there fourth point of contact and start punishing the guys that want to lay and prey and start rewarding the fighters that want to go to battle. Fights like this hurt the sport I wont buy another PPV that Rashad is headlining. Its MMA get out there and fight

  16. if i had paid for that card i would have been pissed it seemed like it was mostly the free prelim fights ………. but ….i will say it really wasn't that bad of a show some good fights Silva had him and let him off i guess that was Evans tatic wear him out by laying on him and hold him in the grecko roman clinch so he wouldn't get cought by any thing .. i usually abhor show boating but Silva acting like a Rashad … with his shoulder twist and all was funny for a sec or two …just wish he would have finished him … that what this card was about ….us waiting for Rashad to eat a upper cut .. dam it didnt happen

  17. rashad looked gassed in that last round, once he got him to the ground he could do nothing with him, if he was in with rampage he would of got finished in that third round, Silva could of if he werent gassed and rampage has proven he has good stamina

  18. They both were tired in the 3rd and that is why i think Silva couldnt capitilize enough to KO rashad so instead he just wanted to mock him and get him to engage him so he could counterpunch, in the end you have a horrible performace on Rashads part but an effective one by means of takedowns only to win it and i mean just that, its not like GSP or Lesnar or Carwin who can take opponents down at will and keep them down and GP them that would of been okay i wouldnt of been so pissed off by Rashad winning if it went down like that but it sure as hell didnt, Rashad is a Bitch and Rampage will KHTFO.

    Also i dont think we will see Rashad stand up anymore truly with anyone as he said that KO by Machida really affected him and he is very concerned about getting KO'd again which we almost saw last night and for a second i really thought he was KO'd.

  19. I didn't watch the fights, but if everything you all say is true, I might change my mind on Rampage/Rashad. If he can't even stand and fight anymore, that was his bread and butter. I figured if Rashad won it would be from the speed in his standup.

  20. You guys are crazy maybe you should find some street fights to watch. Don't talk fight if you have no clue what you are talking about. Like Rashad was horrible please

    this is his JOB he trains all the time like he is gonna make some stuoid fing mistake after owning Silva all night. Real fighters don't get baited by Last attempts of desperate fighters.

  21. Tim GSP is also fights Bitch style because they both fom the same camp. GSP does the same shit Take downs over and over. GSP cant stand like a man either. I bet GSP were to stand with Hardy or Daley he would get his ass knocked out. SO is say both Rasahd and GSP have a bitch fight style

  22. Come on Jay you are both wrong and Daley is a different weight class!!!

  23. from Rashad I mean.

  24. Like i said there is a difference in winning your fights by takedowns only and by takendowns with some GP involved, GSP doesnt just takedown people he GP them as well when he is down there, As did Lesnar and alot of other fighters.

    Rashad made no attempts to GP Silva because of his BJJ skills and didnt want to get caught and although i understand its a gameplan of strategy to win fights it was still a BITCH way to win a fight, lets just throw some punches and then take down the guy and let him back up and do the same thing for 2 rounds, If only Silva would of engaged more in the end they would of given him a 10-8 round which would of ended the fight in a draw. I dont like Rashad but game plans are what make fights wether we like them or not and he stuck to his Bitch style and if this is any indication of how Rashad is going to fight from now on and not Truly engage in standup then Rampage and all the other LHW will beat him.

    If only Silva was able to not allow Rashad to take him down so much, So what would be Rashads plan than??? Circle Jerk his way to a win with Leg Kicks and bobbing his head like a damn turkey.

    The thing is Rashad thinks he is Gods gift to MMA and that he is so pretty…pretty UGLY and pretty Boring.

  25. FYI Daley is the shit, literary he must cut at least 30 pounds.

  26. Daley is in the same weight class as GSP. But if Shields can beat so can GSP

  27. April if you think its all about winning and just a job then why isnt jake shields in the ufc? Because Dana knows he is boring lays and preys doing no damage but winning by control. LMAO he beat Daley and Daley is in the ufc but nice try. PPL dont want to see a guy looking to do no damage. And as far as GSP and Lesnar. Look at Lesnars opponents after the fight. I dont like him but he messes ppl up bad. And gsp dropped Thiago Alves, outstruck fitch badly took serra down and CRUSHED his body. He does stand up but he is getting takedowns and doing damage. Thiago barely had a mark on him after 3 rounds where he lost the FIGHT on the score cards. So dont even compare gsps win to rashads. Rashad just pulled a jake shields.

  28. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    I agree Jay, before this fight Rashad was starting to be an exciting fighter than after a KO loss I see him standing for a bit with nothin happening then he went for take down after take down. I told my buddy, wow… he's becoming boring like GSP after his KO loss. It might be good strategy but I like a fighter who can win AND excited the fans. Rashad had 1 cool Matt Hughes style slam but the rest was just boring. I was more impressed with Thiago taunting Rashad then rocking him. lol Too bad he didn't have the gas to finish but they were both gassed anyway.

  29. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    April, I'll go ahead and disagree and say that they DO have a clue what they're talking about and people weren't talkin about Rashad's strategy as being a horrible cause it was working but it was just boring. Part of him doing the job is to put on an exciting fight so no he didn't completely do the job. Something that was pretty horrible was Rashad getting rocked after he was taunted. lol I was wanting Rashad to win this fight but this was not a proud victory and Rashad himself felt this way, you could clearly see it on his face once the 3rd round ended.

  30. You guys are FUNNY get a life!!!!!

  31. maybe you guys should be fighters!!!!!

  32. gobblecock lol

  33. rashad was gassed in the third so was silva, i dont think in silva's shoes rampage would be gassed from the punishment he took and would of finished evans in that third round. Rashad would find it hard to take rampage down,hendo had a hard time and got controlled on the ground himself. Rampage by knockout

  34. thats the thing what more do you bwant an exciting fight should he wear a mask and dance around let me guess you also like TNA

  35. I'm sorry not trying to be an ass but, I get sick of people complaining all the time about how boring fights are because guys are trying to stick to a plan. Sorry I would not wanna get knocked out in the 3rd after dominating the fight until then so whatever I guess not everyone will be happy but, like don't buy it then!!!!!

  36. April, no one here is discounting rashads win, he won fair and square and he had a good gameplan and although it was effective it was BORING he didnt truly engage in stand up and just sqeaked this victory out 29-28 which doesnt say much to a 4-1 favorite going into the fight. With that said Rashad Won BITCH STYLE but a win is a win, i think we have witnessed a different Rashad and Rampage will KO him badly if he puts on this game plan because Rampage is a wrestler too and a heavy striker so it will intersting to see how Rashad prepares for this fight.

  37. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    April, have to call you out now since you contradicted yourself but don't tell anybody in here to "get a life" when you just posted a crap load… makes you look like a hypocrite and since when are fights NOT supposed to be exciting? LMAO Also, where did pro wrestling come from? How did a conversation about exciting MMA fights make you bring up TNA?!

    You're the reason why alot of guys don't respect women's opinions on fighting cause you don't seem to know what you're talking about. It's too bad cause there are women here who DO know their stuff but you're setting them back and I'm sure even they look at you and wanna say STFU. lol

  38. I love how Dos Santos walks to the middle of the cage when buffer introduces him and points to his opponent and then points down to the ground. He is my new favorite heavy weight. And his ear look fucking crazy.

  39. April, fighters have a right to stick to a plan to try and get the win, but with the amount of money that we are expected to fork over to follow them, we have a right complain when a fighter “plays it safe”. Boring fights are definately a concern for promoters too. It puts that much more pressure on them to put together a great card the next time. I agree that this card should have been on Spike – no real big matchups to justify PPV.

  40. wouldnt mind seein cro cop vs yvel

  41. i am a big fan of Dos Santos now for sure

  42. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Dave – then shouldn't you guys be complaining about A. Silva because he is the KING of playing it safe? But wait, that would ruin your argument because people fork over big bucks to watch him.

  43. CobraClutch says:

    touche, Nichole! touche! :)

  44. Didnt know that Thiago was hurt and that he coulnt train wrestling in camp. Defending takedowns and such. Wonder just how hurt he really was and how much it played a factor into the fight.

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