UFC 107: Jon Fitch vs Thiago Alves

jon fitch vs thiago alves ufn 5

Jon Fitch didn’t have to wait long for a new opponent after Ricardo Almeida pulled out of their UFC 106 fight after suffering a major knee injury while training. Dana White today confirmed that Jon Fitch (19-3) will get a rematch with fellow UFC welterweight contender Thiago Alves (16-5) at UFC 107 on Dec. 12 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, TN.

In two previously fought at Ultimate Fight Night 5, in which Fitch came out the victor with a second round TKO win over Alves. Whoever wins this fight will be in a prime spot to get another crack at UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre.

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  1. YES!

  2. This will be a good fight

  3. jon fitch should pull this out based on skill alone. alves got some power, but he always gets schooled against well rounded fighters, like GSP. GSP would dominate both of them in the rematch. i think after diego sanchez snatches bj's belt, sanchez should move up to challenge GSP. then GSP should move up to fight anderson silva. by then gegard mousasi will arrive in the ufc, and we can finally set up a superfight between anderson silva and mousasi.

  4. and in the picture above, who is the girl in blue standing behind dana? i know the one in black is obviously celeste, but who is this other girl?

  5. this will be an awesome fight…and i dont think diego will come close to taking bj's belt…or gsp lasting more than three minutes with anderson

  6. dane drebin says:

    dude derek sanchez would get schooled by gsp.

    this fight is gunna be sick tho we will get to see who the real number 2 guy is and paulo thiago might actually get a winnable fight for once.

  7. Fitch might knock him out

  8. fitch doesn't knock anyone out. thats why were happy he's fighting thiago instead of for the championship. i mean, he went five with gsp and has won every match since. all of his decision victories don't make people want to see him fight. thats why he's fighting for a #1 contenders spot.

  9. should be a good one..Lets go fitch

  10. anybody can be knocked out it just takes the right timing, right punch, force, leverage. even Joe rogan said that during a fight one time. Dont count fitch out.

  11. Alves has improved greatly since that fight, should be a fun fight.

  12. "even joe rogan said that before" HAHAHA then it must be true.

    Also Derek did you really just say Sanchez should move up? not only that but challenge gsp???? lol here is some info for you. He dropped down to 155 so he could stay in some type of contention. He couldnt win enough to become the #1 contender at 170. He got beat by josh kos and fitch then beat Fiorvanti (journeyman at best) then dropped to 155. He will never beat BJ Penn just like he will never be a ufc champ. And even if he does beat BJ you think he earns a shot at gsp? Without even defending the belt? Not sure what you are thinking there.

    If this fight stays on the feet which it wont Fitch will get caught and lose. If and when fitch takes Alves down and lays on him with his wrestling him will walk away with a lackluster decision to add to his boring resume. Alves just doesnt have the wrestling to beat fitch. I hope he proves me wrong sprawls perfect and ko's fitch but I would and am betting otherwise.

  13. Is Fitch a better wrestler than Kos?? I think/Hope Alves has impoved a lot since their first fight – His take down defence looked great aginst Koscheck – So i reckon he'll be able to keep it standing and smash Fitch all over te Octagon!

    Bottom line is Fitch is not doing himself any favours by out wresling opponents for 15 mins every fght – He showed tremendous heart against GSP – But generally he is quite boring to watch!

    Alves by stand up domination

  14. fitch ko'ed alves in there 1st fight, i don't see that happening this time.it will be alot closer but i think we will see a boring lay n pray decision win for fitch.

  15. Dont matter who wins neither will win title match

  16. Fitch did it once, he can do it again, but Thiago definately has improved since then. I think it will be a good fight. I like Fitch and I think he will get another title shot. GSP is not invincible.

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