UFC 107: Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo Preview Videos

A always cocky Frank Mir learning from GSP, Plans to strike with Kongo just long enough to get the takedown. Kongo plans to “end the reign of the big mouth, Frank Mir”.


  1. i hope kongo knocks out"big mouth Mir"

  2. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I cant stand Mir. He is so arrogant.

  3. Who is Mir he looks like a water head! I hope Kongo gose silverback on his ass. This guy Mir is to arrogant he reminds me of that guy Roy Nelson on TUF

  4. this fight should be taylor made for a guy like mir, a striker with out much ground game and i still think mir will lose it.

  5. I think Brock deserved to talk shit after that fight. Because mir takled all that shit and couldnt back it up. and brock is right mir has a horseshoe stuck up his ass for sure.

  6. whats puzzling is with all the wars Big nog had. How in the hell did a guy like mir beat Nog?? think it was rigged so mir could fight brock?

  7. WAR SHOGUN says:

    no moron, Nog has staph infection and wasn't even 20% in that fights there are no "rigged" fights.

  8. no Mir just plain old whooped Nogs's ass that night …just like he got his ass handed to him by brock .. and i dont see why he won't take Kongo out really ..

  9. Mir has not evovled. He is not well rounded. fine he was beating guys like Pete williams and tank abbot because those guys didnt know jiu jit su and back than guys were not well rounded. How many of you guys agree that frank mir has to improve much more to be competing with the younger more explosive guys.

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