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BJ Penn will once again will put his UFC lightweight title on the line against an always entertaining Diego Sanchez at UFC 107 “Penn vs. Sanchez” set for Dec. 12 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee. Also, in a sure to be entertaining fight, Cheick Kongo will try to get past former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir in the co-main event.

UFC 107 preliminary card fights get started around 7pm EST with the PPV to follow at 10pm EST.



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  1. Nichole, you should know I am not a Lesnar fan yet, hell I've gotten into it enough with Tim. However, we saw at UFC 100 that Lesnar now knows how to use his strength, wrestling and conditioning to neutralize Mir's jiu jitsu, and he didn't just lay and pray, he knocked him out. Mir would need several years (realisticly, with no vitamin S, I would say like 3 or 4 years) to gain enough muscle mass to neutralize Lesnar's strength.

  2. i gotta disagree ryan i dont think 3 or 4 years would make a difference haha im with BigJon on this one lesnar is just a different kind of animal. Mir doesnt have the genes to ever be as strong as lesnar. its like taking a lab and a pit bull. the lab can gain all the weight it wants and even be heavier but it aint ever gunna be as strong as the pit bull.

  3. I can't accept that Dane. If he knows how to train his body, he already has the genes, he naturally is a big guy. Size isn't his issue, knowing how his body reacts to different weight training programs is what he needs. Besides, you don't have to be as strong as someone to neutralize strength. Either way though, time will tell.

  4. uh well im sorry YOU cant except it but weight training will never give frank the wrestling strength brock has. I know multiple time state champions who never liftyed a weight in their life. Ive seen muscle bound freaks come into judo class and get thrown around like bitches by pot bellyed little dudes. brock's been picking people up and picking hay bails up on the farm his entire life he has a core strength engrained in him from such a young age when his body was developing. ya franks a big guy he said he cuts from about 270 now. brock cuts from 310. the difference is brocks not only 40 pounds heavier he has a lot more fast twitch muscle fibers. his genetics and his wrestling have gave him an edge that i dont see mir ever overcomming. its cool tho man if there werent people like you how would i make my money betting against frank in the rubber match. frank got manhandled at ufc 100 and brocks not just gunna stop training and let frank get stronger than him lol good luck with that.

  5. Well, once again, I never said anything about overpowering or out-wrestling. I said nautralize. You can make up your own facts about how quick or how effective training programs can be, but if he could find the right methods, he could reach that goal. People with a professional fitness background could argue this back and forth.

  6. Not to attack you personally or anything, this is just my opinion, that it could be done on a STRENGTH level. If you are creative enough, anything can be a strength training exercise.

  7. i respect your oppinion and anything can happen but i jsut dont see mir ever being as strong as lesnar and i think most would agree with me.

  8. Personally, I don't think he will either. I think you're right about that, I was just saying that it was possible. I think he would have to put his fight training on the back burner to do it in that amount of time, but that would be stupid considering he is a fighter. I think he should just concentrate on his skill and try to win that way.

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