UFC 107 “BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez” In-Depth Video

UFC 107BJ Penn vs Diego Sanchez” December 12 from the Fedex Forum in Memphis, TN.


  1. Looks to be one of better fight cards of the year!

  2. yeah i agree. I think bj and sanchez could end up being a fight of the year candidate also. Bj loves to attack first in his fights and so does diego. diego will be hard to finish and bj at 155 looks unstoppable. I see them going at it strong for 5 rounds. can't wait.

  3. Oh man the diego/guida fight was fucking amazing. All the shit talking walking into the cage and right from when it started they came out swinging. Cant wait 2 see this one. This is the first time I believe that a lightweight can beat bj penn. Not saying its gonna happen but if any lightweight can beat BJ at the moment Ill put my money on Diego.

  4. I firmly believe that BJ is gonna get outstrike and hurt diego. Sanchez is a wild man with great cardio. But BJ is more technical in all aspects of mma than diego.

  5. One more thing: Go Saints!!!!

  6. GG, sorry but I disagree. If any lightweight in the UFC can beat BJ it's KenFlo. I doubt Diego can beat BJ. BJ's got heavier hands, better BJJ and better wrestling.

  7. *PS i know KenFlo lost to BJ. Therefore BJ>KenFlo>Diego

  8. What should have happened is that KenFlo and Diego should have been matched up because I don't really see any other instant competition at this very moment. This will be a very good fight though.

  9. Kenflo and Diego will fight again. It will probably been the next fight after BJ win or lose.

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