UFC 106 “Ortiz vs Griffin 2″ Results LIVE


UFC 106Tito Ortiz vs Forrest Griffin 2″ live Nov. 21 from the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, NV.

Making his UFC comeback, Tito Ortiz will take on Forrest Griffin for the second time in the main event. Also, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson must get past Josh Koscheck on his road to a UFC welterweight title shot.

CageToday.com will have live results starting with the undercard around 8pm EST. The Pay-Per-View portion of the card to follow at 10pm EST.




Event Notes

  • Fight of the Night 70k bonus goes to Josh Koscheck and Anthony Johnson
  • Knockout of the Night 70k bonus goes to Antonio Rogerio Nogueira
  • Submission of the Night 70k bonus goes to Josh Kosckeck

Ortiz vs Griffin 2 Fight Video
Josh Koscheck vs Anthony Johnson Fight Video
Luiz Cane vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Fight Video


  1. it seems like 106 is destined to not happen

  2. dam was phil on the main card the whole time or did they bump them up?the 2 fights on the preliminary card look better.

  3. CobraClutch says:

    The fight is tomorrow, STEVEO, how is it destined not to happen?

  4. CobraClutch says:

    how is this destined to not happen? it's going on tomorrow night. did you hear of something on another site?

  5. ortiz






  6. Griffin










  7. griffin





  8. larson


    george s

  9. Griffin


    Volkmann (you've got to be a badass to debut on the main card with the ring name "Christmas")

    Lil Nog


  10. competing in bjj myself watching george s was a thing of beauty his ground game looked amazing and davis got knocked the fuck out

  11. can someone please give me a link to the lil nog fight i wanna see it so bad

  12. damn lil nog looked good. give him winner of silva vs evans!

  13. ortiz looked good until the third round, god knows what he was playin at in the third he didnt throw a punch until the last minute. And i dont think griffin won that 30-27 i had ortiz winning the 1st and 2nd.

  14. Man I thought Tito won the first 2 rounds. I think he won but we have ALL seen worse decisions to say the least. Koscheck did what I thought he would. I really dont get why Baroni is in the ufc. He really doesnt even do good outside of the ufc. Rogerio did awesome. Cant wait to see him fight a serious contender. Not that Cane isnt a dangerous fighter. I would like to see him against maybe Jardine. The winner of rashad vs T. Silva would be alright aswell but I think that winner will either fight a returning rampage or the true champ Shogun Rua wh will beat Machida again this time by tko.

  15. Seriously though how did the 1 judge give it a 30-27? Just pathetic.

  16. Aldo Raine says:

    I thought Ortiz won that one. I thought damage was about the same but I thought Tito took the first two rounds and Forrest took the third. However in the first fight I thought that Forrest won. I would love to see a third….I thought it was a good entertaining fight.

  17. I wanna see kos and hardy fight now. they are both cocky. it would be fireworks i think.

  18. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    "Seriously though how did the 1 judge give it a 30-27? Just pathetic."

    Maybe it was the same judge that gave Tito all 3 rounds in the 1st fight and he was feeling guilty.

  19. Or maybe he just doesnt know how to judge a fight.

  20. Is that Bruce Buffer's lesbian sister in the backround of the photo on top? She wears too much makeup.

  21. That had to be the weakest pay per view I have ever seen. Dana can't talk shit about what some of the other shows put on after he puts on that shit.

  22. i stil think hardy should get the title shot, put koscheck against swick

  23. i would much rather see KOS vs GSP and hardy vs Anthony

  24. I was waiting for some complaining from some douche…..Rondo was the douche. Dont like it dont watch it. Wasn't a lot of big names on the card but I thought there was some pretty good fights.

  25. i agree Xv2W, Some crackin fights last night.

    Amir beating phil baroni up was fun to watch, Sotiropoulos submission was a thing of beauty (should have got sub of the night)

    Little Nog debut was good

    Kos v Rumble was a great fight expect for all the poking

    and even the main event was entertaining

    and that plastic paddy got knock the F$$k out too

    What wasnt to like.

  26. Just seen the fight. Tito is one of my all time favourites, but I think Forrest winning was the right result. Untill the third round I think tito was doing good, but in the last round he got dominated.

  27. forrest's lack of knockout power is starting to really stand out. I cant see him being a contender anymore

  28. granitepanic says:

    Tito won first and second round, forrest may have won third round 10-8. Should have been a draw!

  29. I saw the fight either way except for round 3 all griffin but i just dont like Tito or griffin so that fight was all about who i dont like most which is why i am happy tito lost. He always has to make exscuses for his losses and boast himself….

  30. I thought it turned out to be a really good card. I think Tito won both the first and second round 10-9, but the third he lost 10-7. That third was pathetic. I didn't think he looked as good as normal from the begining though. I thought his shots were kind of slow. Did the trick though. I hated his bitching afterwards. Does anyone know if he really had a "cracked" skull? I don't understand why he was cleared to fight if that was the case.

  31. First round I give to griffin due to the fact that during the standup game, griffin dominated, but even when tito got forrest to the canvas he didn't inflict enough damage and forrest got back up where he ruled the standup a little more before round's end. Round 2 is obviously tito. He kept him down longer and did more damage. round 3 was hilarious.

  32. wtf is up with the judges?

    one says 29-28 grifin. ok that one makes sense,

    the other one says 29 -28 ortiz… umm no 'cuase that would mean tito won two rounds and there's no friggin way he won round three and he didnt do enough to take round one.

    and the other judge says 30-27 griffin… also insane.

    there's NO WAY griffin won all three.

    WTF are these Judges smoking? who's bribing them?

    Judging has been disgusting for quite a while now and I think Keizer needs to clean house and fire some of these idiots.

  33. One more thing.


    What the hell do you want them to do?

    everyone is either injured or sick or just had a fight.

    Get back to us with the card you think would be so great

    and make sure that everyone you want on the card

    could actually be there.

    DONT mention people that are scheduled to fight within the next few events or had a fight in the last few weeks or are on medical suspension…..

    I'm waiting :)

  34. Scooby-Doo says:

    i had tito in round 1(close thou) and 2, 3 went 2 griffin a entertaining fight. The pre fights on spike were also entertaining. If they do a three put it on the pre fights.

  35. for oswald gobblecock: (“Seriously though how did the 1 judge give it a 30-27? Just pathetic.”

    Maybe it was the same judge that gave Tito all 3 rounds in the 1st fight and he was feeling guilty.)

    This is Dana breaking down the fight. I love how he says "The 30-27 score is outrageous," White said. "It's insane." Yet when I say it on a post that the score is crazy someone that is just a Forrest fanboy speaks and tries to act like it wasnt a big deal. Love how people cant watch a fight without bias and have no real clue what was going on. Both fights were close and if you think Forrest clearly won either your an idiot.

  36. "your an idiot"

    Hahahaha self owned

  37. I am a forrest fan, the only way I could see that fight going in forrests favor is IF (and a big IF) tito won the first two 10-9 and forrest won the third 10-8 and I don't think he did enought to win the third by two. Can't let it go to decision, these judges prove time and time again that THEY DON'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE! its just unfortunate, i would rather see both fighters get a draw than one fighter get fucked over bad.

  38. "i would rather see both fighters get a draw that one fighter get fucked over bad"…very true but will never happen

  39. tito and forest fight had to be like that so we can pay to see the best out of three fights. I figured it would be like this its starting to sound like we are watching a show instead of an event, shows are made for the people watching and twisted for the people watching so that we will come back for more. It seems lately all deceisions in ufc suck hell ,I was going for forest but I just dont see how he won.I know he lost the first two rounds. Third round Forest deffinetly won.

  40. The first round of the last fight was as 1 sided a round as you will ever see. And it wasnt ruled a 10-8. So I dont see how the 3rd round in this fight could have been. Forrest won the 3rd and lost the first 2. But the first fight could have gone either way. And whats crazy is forrest said he went back and watched the first fight and he saw that he lost. Even though he thought he won after the fight was over. I think the first fight was much closer than this one. Again terrible judging and Miko for you to act like there is no way forrest lost just makes you look very very stupid and an obvious Tito hater. Let me guess your favorite fighter is Chuck Liddell.

  41. I don't know Steve, I thought it was extremely close again, but I was pretty certain that Forrest won it. Only because of that third round though. I thought Tito was just that inactive that I figured it 10-7. He really didn't do or try much, including counter punching.

  42. no way was the 3rd round a 10-7 or even a 10-8 yeah forrest clearly won that round because tito did nothing but its not like forrest just beat him bloody or was doing heavey damage on him.

  43. Who should Rich Franklin fight next? Keith Jardine, Chuck Liddell or Tito Ortiz? Remember Rich got the decision on Wandy, but Jardine was KO'ed by Wandy. Would be a good fight between Rich and Jardine I think. Both Rich and Chuck got the decision on Wandy. Chuck and Rich would be a good fight as well. Rich and Ortiz have the most common opponents out of the 3. Both fought Shamrock, Belfort, Machida and Wandy. Rich going 2-2 against common opponents, while Ortiz went 5-1 (including 3 wins against Shamrock).

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