UFC 105 “Couture vs Vera” Fight Poster

ufc105 poster

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  1. I want to see 105 pretty bad, fuck 104..

  2. this card kinda shitty. no title fight. is this what Randy has been reduced to (a ham & egger)? that sucks!

  3. i am gald its free but 104 looks better to me. just the machida vs shogun fight is enough for me.

  4. This card is free, bUT I WOULD match rather pay to watch UFC 105 then UFC 104..

  5. other derek says:

    really sweet free card….I likes!!!!!!!

  6. i think the fights are okay. no real mega fights on the level of carwin vs brock. randy will school vera. swick will take this. and i think kang will KO bisping. bisping is going to fight pretty cautiously in this fight.

  7. I'm not sure how I feel about Randy and Vera. Randy will mop the floor with Vera up close, but Vera has some damn good Muay Thai. I hope Randy can get inside.

  8. dane drebin says:

    i could see vera/randy goin either way. vera's striking is way better than randys and nogs. vera will knock randy out if he cant get in and get ahold of vera.

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