UFC 104 Video: Lyoto Machida Looking To Counter Shoguns Best

Lyoto Machida will defend his UFC light heavyweight title one week from today at UFC 104 “Machida vs Shogun” at the Staples Center in Los Angles, CA.


  1. llyoto is the man to beat right now. honestly, i hated watching him fight back in the day. it was like watching him run a marathon in circles. but now, he is exciting to watch because it's interesting to watch how he confuses his opponents and then somehow KOs them. i didn't think he would KO thiago, and i definitely didn't think he was strong enough or fast enough to KO rashad like that. now, macheetah has my respect. i looked at his record and wow, look at all the people machida has beaten. back in the day, he KOed rich franklin — who i believe to be a very great underrated well-rounded fighter. he also beat BJ penn, even though he outweighed him. i would love to see macheetah vs anderson silva. right now, silva needs to be fed quality opponents. i'm not interested in watching silva KO mir. silva needs to fight real high caliber opponents like gegard mousasi from strikeforce. i think GSP would be a good matchup for silva, but it needs to be done at 185 pounds. i don't think dan henderson deserves a rematch. it's going to be the same the second time around. at 205, i think luis cane is someone to watch. he's got a fearlessness to him when he fights, like when he just picked soku apart. dont even mention brandon vera at 205 or anyone like that.

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  16. Shogun of Harlem says:

    I really think that Machida is going to win this one. He has a good record and has fought some good fighters.

    Win Rashad Evans KO (Punches) UFC 98 – Evans vs. Machida 5/23/2009 2 3:57

    Win Thiago Silva KO (Punches) UFC 94 – St. Pierre vs. Penn 2 1/31/2009 1 4:59

    Win Tito Ortiz Decision (Unanimous) UFC 84 – Ill Will 5/24/2008 3 5:00

    Win Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Submission (Arm Triangle Choke) UFC 79 – Nemesis 12/29/2007 2 4:20

    Win Kazuhiro Nakamura Decision (Unanimous) UFC 76 – Knockout 9/22/2007 3 5:00

    Win David Heath Decision (Unanimous) UFC 70 – Nations Collide 4/21/2007 3 5:00

    Win Sam Hoger Decision (Unanimous) UFC 67 – All or Nothing 2/3/2007 3 5:00

    Win Vernon White Decision (Unanimous) WFA – King of the Streets 7/22/2006 3 5:00

    Win Dimitri Wanderley TKO (Exhaustion) JF 6 – Jungle Fight 6 4/29/2006 3 3:24

    Win B.J. Penn Decision (Unanimous) K-1 – Hero's 1 3/26/2005 3 5:00

    Win Sam Greco Decision (Split) K-1 MMA – ROMANEX 5/22/2004 3 5:00

    Win Michael McDonald Submission (Forearm Choke) K-1 – Beast 2004 3/14/2004 1 2:30

    Win Rich Franklin TKO (Head Kick and Punches) Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2003 – Inoki Festival 12/31/2003 2 1:03

    Win Stephan Bonnar TKO (Cut) JF 1 – Jungle Fight 1 9/13/2003 1 4:21

    Win Kengo Watanabe Decision (Unanimous) NJPW – Ultimate Crush 5/2/2003 3 5:00

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