UFC 104 Video: Chael Sonnen Has The “Best Fight Of My Life” Against Yushin Okami

Sonnen throws it out their, wants to face Nate Marquardt if Dan Henderson doesn’t return to the UFC.


  1. I knew cheal was going to win..I would love to see rich vs Cheal at 195?

  2. Joe Smith says:

    looks like he could be Stefan Bonner's cousin.

  3. Strange, best fight of his life but his face looked so disappointed when the they announced he won. Like he wasn't happy with his performance or something.

  4. I thought he looked really good in this fight.

  5. chael looked awesome against okami. sucks for okami he will never see that title shot now. fuck they might even cut him with how much love he gets from the ufc. chael vs Nate the great i wouldnt mind seeing.

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