UFC 104: Shane Carwin vs Cain Velasquez Likely

cain velasquez

Heavyweight contenders Shane Carwin and Cain Velasquez will likely face off at UFC 104 on Oct. 24 from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, according to MMAMadness.

Carwin also confirmed on his Twitter account that he will be fighting in LA and mentioned Cain as a possible opponent.

“Looks like I’ll be fighting Oct. 24 in Los Angeles … Excited to know.

No bout agreement yet. Looks like Cain and I if all goes.”

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  1. I think Cain has met his match…Although I want Mir then Cain to win, a Lesnar/Carwin fight would be pretty sick for the title sometime next year…

  2. Carwin is tough as nails. Cain has the tenacity. this could go either way

  3. This will be a good fight. Wrestling is pretty much equal. Striking has to go to Carwin, but aggression and will has to go to Cain. I have to go with Carwin, due to his size. But Cain proved in his last fight that he has a crazy recovery time from a mediocre chin. He ate those two big bombs from Kongo, got dropped, but still kept coming. The thing with Carwin is that he will get you to the ground first, and then finish you.

  4. I personally don't think they shold fight each other though. It would have been better to have Carwin fight for the title. Then champion fights Cain next. It's better that way… more exciting.

  5. carwin should fight the winner out of Mir/brock…this is bs but carwin will smash cain in the late of the first round

  6. cain took kongo's punches, but i don't know if he can take carwin's punches. plus, wrestling is essentially equal. cain has better movement, but carwin has better size and strength.

  7. dane drebin says:

    i think carwins size and power will be the deciding factor in this fight. cain will be a champion someday but this i carwins time.

  8. Carwin is basically a smaller lesnar in a sense although they are slightly the same…but Carwin is 35 i believe his age will hurt him in this fight with the much younger and talented Cain….although anything can happen but i look for Cain to win but i wouldnt be surprised if Carwin one either…this one is a toss up.

  9. were is dustin Hazelett????

  10. i would have to go with carwin right now although it is a bit of a toss up. cain is more techincal but carwin has alot more power.

  11. were is dustin Hazelett

  12. i dint think Cain could be Gabe and carwin Dropped him like he was Hot..and carwin has won every fight in the first round by KO or TKO..He has great wrestling good boxing, every punch isvery tight and thats is every scry for any fighter who fights Carwin..

  13. I'd have to agree w Derek on this one. If Cain gets caught by Carwin, like kongo almost rocked him….LIGHTS OUT! Cain should keep this as 3 rounds on the ground if he's gonna win. He could tire the "old man" out that way…but no way can he trade punches

  14. ….and is it just me? or is this top picture of velasquez not the scariest shot of a special olympics kid EVER?!……..(I say safely from the confines of my home.)

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