UFC 104: Cain Velasquez vs Ben Rothwell

cain velasquez

Cain Velasquez didn’t have to wait that long for a new opponent at UFC 104. According to Fanhouse, he will be facing former IFL champion “Big” Ben Rothwell (30-6) at UFC 104 on Oct. 24 in Los Angeles.

Velasquez previous opponent, Shane Carwin was called up to face UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar at UFC 106.

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  1. Sorry CagE…. Rothwell isn't a contestant on TUF 10, you might be thinking of Roy Nelson!!

    It's gonna be a good fight anyhow.

  2. Cain will tool Rothwell.

    but yeah i agree with ELBOWZ about CAGE getting rothwell and Nelson mixed up.


    Much agreed! Can you imagine what it will do to both fighters if Rothwell beats him?! Wholly sheets! Big Ben has got his shot. Make it count!

  4. @ELBOWZ Thanks…Always get the big guys of the IFL confused.

    "Big" Country – "Big" Ben


    #3 was in agreement to #1. I don't think Ben is gonna get tooled. In fact, the worst thing Cain could do is overlook him while waiting to see the winner of the Brock vs Carwin fight. Big Ben is an opportunistic guy.


    Why does Cain always look like he's a special ed kid when he smiles. That's scary 'cause mentally retarded people are like as strong as ten normal people! PLUS he works out!



  8. yeah don't under estimate ben he might win this one, cain could not strike with kongo and though bens striking may not be as good as kongos he does have better take down defense and a better ground game.

  9. Ben Rothwell got tooled by AA.

    Dana said as good as said that AA was no longer good enough to get in the UFC (due to the fact that he got KTFO twice in 2 fights)

    if Ben Rothwell beats or makes Cain's fight hard for him…. UFC HW will be in trouble of losing its rep.

    comparing Kongo's and AA's is really not on the same level (Kongo would tool AA standing)

    Cain might not tool him, but i expect him to win.

  10. ben rothwell's only chance is having it standing. otherwise, we all know cain is going to take him down and GnP his ass. Cain by GnP round 1. Also, I take Carwin round 1. As for Carwin-Lesnar, whoever wins will be HW champ for a long time. frankly, those are the top two guys in UFC's HW division without a doubt. crocop, mir, nog, couture, dos santos — all really have little chance against a very big brock or carwin.

  11. Ben Rothwell got tooled by AA.

    he held his own for awhile.

    Dana said as good as said that AA was no longer good enough to get in the UFC (due to the fact that he got KTFO twice in 2 fights)

    don't beleave everything dana says.

    comparing Kongo’s and AA’s is really not on the same level (Kongo would tool AA standing)

    wow tool i dout it, i don't think he would even win let alone tool him. kongo lost to gilbert before and is not all that great.

  12. cain will win in the 2 round..i like this fight..

    carwin vs brock___ carwin in the middle of the 2 round??

  13. Ben rothwell will not be able to stop Cain from taking him down. But if he can catch him shooting in he can win. Cain wasnt handling Kongos punches good at all. His stand up looked bad. I see Cain easily winning this one though. Even though I am always rooting for the warrior that is willing stand up and fight I dont see it happening.

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