UFC 103 Video: Dana White Not Afraid To Go Head To Head With Mayweather On Sept. 19

UFC President Dana White talks about UFC 103 going head to head with the boxing powerhouse Floyd Mayweather on PPV, September 19th. Mayweather was in negotiation to fight Manny Pacquiao, but talks fell trough as both fighter demanded a butt load of money. Pacquiao is on top of the boxing world right now, with that incredible KO of Ricky Hatton. He also brings a huge amount of guaranteed PPV buys from the Philippines.

While still lacking a main event, UFC 103 rumored fights include Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg and Hermes Franca taking on Tyson Griffin.


  1. other derek says:

    yeah we're definitely gonna see a dana try put together a great card liddell will be on this one for sure vs franklin.

  2. really the only options open are LHW and HW belt chances, LHW Machida vs Shogun doesn't interest me, then after that you're looking at a lightweight challenger contest (Gray vs huerta?)

    fights Dana needs to add to this card to make it interesting.

    Maynard Vs Huerta

    Franklin Vs Luiz Cane?

    Liddell Vs Bader?

    Carwin Vs Velasquez?

    Silva Vs Cote (Wandy)

    i think that these fights right now are open and probably the best that Dana has to offer without having a title fight.

  3. other derek says:

    yeah i'm so indifferent right now about liddell vs franklin i've always wanted to see the fight, but now i'm having second thought s i don't think its a good fight for either fighter they both have everything to lose in it…. i like the idea franklin vs cane

  4. i think Franklin could afford a loss but not to Liddell he is now considered by Dana as a chump that will sell tickets (but he likes him more than tito so)

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