UFC 103 Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort Results LIVE

franklin vs belfort results weigh

UFC 103 “Franklin vs Belfort” LIVE Sept. 19th from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX.

In the main event, former UFC middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin welcomes back Vitor Belfort back to the UFC after a four and a half year hiatus. Also, Mirko Cro Cop will continue his quest in the UFC, taking on UFC heavyweight standout Junior Dos Santos.

Stay tune to CageToday.com for the latest results starting with the undercard at 7:20pm EST, followed by the PPV portion of the event at 10pm EST.



Rich Franklin vs Vitor Belfort Video
Mirko Cro Cop vs Junior Dos Santos Video
Josh Koscheck vs Frank Trigg Video
Martin Kampmann vs Paul Daley Video


  1. Frank Trigg via una. dec. —> I hope

    T.Griffin via una dec.

    Kampmann by arm triangle choke will have no prob passing Daleys guard.

    CroCop via tko rd 1

    Belfort via tko stoppage rd 2

  2. Belfort

    Dos Santos





  3. Bad stoppage with Trigg and Kampmann fight. WTF is Kampmann doing standing with Daley. He could have easily schooled him on the ground but he couldnt hip toss or trip him to get it to the ground?I am sick of seeing refs jump in early and leave controversy. Let the fucking guy get knocked out and then stop it. Dont leave any doubt on the fight being finished. Glad I am watching this online and not on PPV.

  4. oh shit, daley is sending kampmann to lightweight!

  5. Daley's stand up was amazing. Kampmann would have dropped a few seconds later…fair stoppage. Good fight.

    Franklin need to call it a career.

    Anderson Silva knocked a screw loose in his head. The guy can't take a punch anymore.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Vitor is back! lol

  7. Franklin had been rocked in his last like 4 fights it was bound to happen. Vitor is too fast and powerful for his chin to deal with. Surprised by how fast he wrecked him tough. There is your #1 contender fuck Marquardt vs Henderson for title shot. Lets see Anderson and Vitor now. Winners fight.

  8. Did you actually see the punch that landed?

    Mayweather is picking apart Marquez. Last round

  9. agree with cage fair stoppage. efrain and tyson looked great was disappointed with crocop and yea vitor is back

  10. I was at the fight lives and I knew Paul D would have put the hurt on Kampman..Alves vs Paul or Swick vs Paul..

    I cant believe Rich got owned like that..

    Vitor vs A silva Please..Lose Fights loser of Dan and Nate..

    Kos knock down was a badass right hard and Frank has a good chin for not going out from it,early stoppage but it would hace end in a cuple secs..

    Marshal looked Gay..

  11. Kampman needed to try to take Daley down more. Kampman's good on the feet but Daley is just better. It was just a matter of time when they are in those close exchanges.

    Crocop didn't look good at all. He had no timing and was just trying to push Dos Santos away. That was disappointing fight of the night for me.

    Rich got caught, nothing more to say. It was a grazing blow to the back of his head and that's a good place to get knocked out at.

  12. Rich might as well go sit on the porch in a rocking chair with Huges and Serra and Shamrock …he didnt even hit him before he got tko'd

  13. Shogun of Harlem says:

    Cro Cop is just not looking that good these days. He has definitely lost something.

  14. Rich will be back..He just got caught..

    the 3 punch was to the back of the head..The 2 sec punch was right on the chin and that is when rich went out..Iwas like 5 row away from the fight

  15. other derek says:

    rich vs forrest will be next for sure

  16. Forrest ? has he stopped running yet ?

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