UFC 103 Prelim’s To Be Televised Live On SpikeTV


The Orange County Register is reporting that the UFC plans to air the UFC 103 preliminary card free on SpikeTV, Sept. 19th. According to the report, the move is to combat the Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Juan Manuel Marquez HBO boxing PPV card that will go head to head with the UFC own PPV. This is great for fans, UFC undercards are usually well stacked. Here’s the lineup for the SpikeTV broadcast.

UFC 102 Preliminary Card

Efrain Escudero (11-0) vs. Cole Miller (15-3)
Jim Miller (14-2) vs. Steve Lopez
Dan Lauzon (12-2) vs. Rafaello Oliveira (8-1)
Paul Daley (21-8-2) vs. Brian Foster (10-3)
Tomasz Drwal (16-2-1) vs. Drew McFedries (8-5)
Eliot Marshall (7-1) vs. Jason Brilz (17-1-1)
Vladimir Matyushenko (22-4) vs. Igor Pokrajac (21-5)
Rafael dos Anjos (11-4) vs. Matt Wiman (10-5)

UFC 103 “Franklin vs Belfort” Sept. 19th from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Tx


  1. only reason they are doing this is to offer MORE to get more UFC fans to NOT watch Manny (pacman boxes same night so)

  2. I meant to say the Floyd Mayweather fight. SEE, I really don't care about boxing. Especially that piece of garbage Floyd Mayweather.

  3. its unlikely they'll air the Prelims that night tho, due to 105 is in Manchester and well its not going to make much money (Europe averages around 400,000 ppvs.)

  4. other derek says:

    lol zack i was gonna say……

  5. Yeah other derek, Mike kind of confused me in comment 4 saying Pacman was fighting that night.

  6. Nice…Now we can finally see a lot of the prelim fights that aren’t shown on the PPV.

  7. They actually have names all throughout the prelims. I'm guessing the UFC planned so show this in advance.

  8. that will be cool, i hope they start doing it more often.

  9. Me too, roy…But, I don’t think they will.

  10. I know thats why the UFC’s doing it. I wasn’t going to watch the Pacman fight anyway. This is just a bonus for me and to the others that don’t give a poop about boxing and want to watch the UFC that night. Boxing’s alright, but i think MMA is way more entertaining.

  11. cool

  12. Marquez is not the same manny as Pacman

  13. Pacman Vs Cotto on nov 14th. (103)

    Floyd vs Marquez (105)

  14. errr other way round! (my bad)

  15. well, lets just hope this all goes well for the ufc and maybe they will start showing all cards like this or at least more of the fights than we see regularly

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