UFC 103: Mirko Cro Cop vs Junior Dos Santos Preview

Mirko Cro Cop will have a chance to prove he can hang in the UFC with a win over UFC up and comer Junior Dos Santos.


  1. juino will knock out cro cop..

    who is all going to this event??i am

  2. UFC 103 NEWS says:

    MMAFRENZY.COM – UFC newcomer Paul Daley, who had been scheduled to make his Octagon debut against Brian Foster on the UFC 103 preliminary card, will instead replace an injured Mike Swick and take on Martin Kampmann in a welterweight matchup on the pay-per-view main card of the September 19 event in Dallas, Texas.

    Daley and UFC UK President Marshall Zelaznik confirmed the injury and replacement on Friday with The Sun.

    According to the report, Swick suffered a minor head injury while sparring with American Kickboxing Academy teammate and fellow UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck that forced him to withdraw from the bout.

    The winner of the Swick-Kampmann matchup had been slated to be the next opponent for welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre, though Kampmann could still earn a title shot with an impressive victory over Daley.

    Daley (21-8-2), who trains out of Team Rough House in his hometown of Nottingham, England, is a veteran of Cage Rage, Strikeforce, and EliteXC and has won 9 of his past 11 fights, including recent back-to-back victories. The only losses for “Semtex” since 2006 were defeats to notables Jake Shields and Nick Thompson, while he also picked up notable wins over the likes of Duane Ludwig, Sam Morgan, and John Alessio.

    Kampmann (15-2) has won 6 of his 7 UFC fights, including 2-straight at welterweight over Carlos Condit and Alexandre Barros following a loss to middleweight contender Nate Marquardt last September in his final fight at 185-pounds.

    It is not yet known whether the UFC will secure a replacement to fight Foster at UFC 103, or whether he’ll instead make him promotional debut on another upcoming card.


    -Matt Hughes Signs Multi-Fight Extension With UFC, Next Fight Not Decided

    -Brett Rogers: "I'M GOING TO KNOCK FEDOR OUT."

    -Antonio Rogerio Nogueira Slated to Make UFC Debut at UFC 105 in England

    -Josh Neer will replace injured Sean Sherk to fight Gleison Tibau at UFC 104

  4. Goodnight Cro Cop. Thats It

  5. did he just tuck you into bed jay?

  6. Know But Dos santos will tuck him back to his bed for good

  7. hole-smasher says:

    mike swick injured paul daley replaces

  8. patrick bateman says:

    cant believe this BS now what happens

    Paul Daley has never even fought in the UFC and this was supposed to be a #1 contender match for GSP

    If Kampman loses does Daley get a title shot i doubt it, but if Kampman win he probably still does

    Anyway i think the ufc could have got a couple of their own fighters to step up like Anthony Jonhson or someone

    If they bring in anyone at WW it should be Jake Shields

    Mike Swick now gets pushed aside and will be just like Yushin Okami

  9. dos santos will likely KO crocop.



    mmafrenzy.com – UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva will soon undergo elbow surgery that will sideline him for the rest of the year, according to a Tweet from ESPN’s MMA Live.

    Details on the injury have not been released, though it is not believed to have occurred in his August 8 first-round knockout of Forrest Griffin and is suspected to be lingering injury he has finally chosen to repair while he’s taking a break from fighting.

    With Silva now sidelined until sometime next year, it makes more sense than ever to have middleweight contenders Nate Marquardt and Dan Henderson fight in the interim.


    Quinton “Rampage” Jackson Lands A-Team Role, Won’t Fight Rashad Evans at UFC 107

  12. Oh oh, this is the first time silva has been injured and taken a break like this. He has been injury free since he entered the octagon. Hmm? i wonder what dana is up to now.

  13. I like your thinking Jay…maybe he says this to get the Hendo/Marquardt fight to go down…I still fully believe Frank Mir's "injury" was just to get Brock on UFC 100….how well did that work out for them haha….It's all a big conspiracy! Fo reals.

  14. All of the trash talk and Rampage isn't even going to fight Rashad. I bet Dana is pissed. He screwed up a UFC headline and since they're not fighting it'll probably mess up the TUF ratings a little.

  15. I think the Hendo/Marquardt fight is almost a given with Silva out. That should be good anyway.

  16. I think their Rashad and Rampage are still fighting they are just postponing it. At least thats what it sounded like from the article I read. They wanted to postpone it to make sure Rampage got a full camp in. I think Rashad is going to take him.

  17. Hendo and Marquart both top of the food chain wel rounded fighters. But the advanatge goes to Nate because he is still in his prime and has evovled more than Dan. But you never know both of these guys posses serious dynamite in their hands. Dan has a granite chin and Nate has superior BJJ skills. I dont know its hard to tell

  18. really hard to tell thats what makes marquardt and hendo a great fight. i hope it happens soon because both are in shape right now. after nate's last fight i have to agree with jay that his is in his prime right now.

  19. Hendo would beat Nate. Dan has way more experience fighting the very elite. Nate is not going to be able to sumbit or KO Dan. On the other hand, we know Dan would be able to KO Nate. Nate might be in his prime, but i still don't think he's better then Dan, even in his prime. Hendo's a MMA legend, I don't think Nate will ever be a legend in this sport like Henderson, Chuck or Couture.

    Hendo by KO…If they fight???

  20. Zach you have a goodpoint. Dan is probably one of the best middleweights. Your right I think whatever Nate does, Dan does better. Rampage is a strong and aggresive guy and Dan gave him a hard time. I think your right Dan will keep this fight on his feet because of his superior werstling skills and its likely that he will catch Nate on his jaw and tko him. Not counting Nate out but thats way i see it.

  21. Thanks Jay for seein my point…

  22. I want to see Cro Cop fight Couture next, regardless if he wins or loses. I think Couture should stay at heavyweight for at least one, maybe two more fights.

  23. I fucking agree big time Nate, Win or lose its like Couture is a fucking legend and you just want to see him fight becuase win or lose he gives it his all. Kinda like Liddel but its different Unlike Couture Liddel has been KO to many recent times.

  24. Jackson vs Rashed is off for UFC 107

    Junior will walk throw Cro Cop

  25. fuck Swick is out off ufc 103, Paul Daley in..

    I wish swick didnt get hurt, but fuck Paul vs Kampman willl be a badass fight and i am hoping Paul can pull it off

  26. have any of you guys noticed couture can take any punches anymore. Big nog is not a pwerful puncher and couture went down a few times. Also Couture doesnt seem as that aggresive anymore either??

  27. dane drebin says:

    i dunno jay i think it was more of big nog landing clean on randy early in round one. the fact that randy went the entire three rounds after gettin dropped like that si a testament to his chin. he's only been KO'd once and thats to Chuck lidell. randy doesnt have a chin like hendo or big nog but its still a good one. lets judge him off of his next performance before we come to any conclusions. just cuz he got dropped by the vanilla gorilla and a world class athlete like big nog doesnt mean his chin is done to me. randy looked the same as he ever has imo.

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