UFC 102 Randy Couture Video Blog 1

Randy takes the reigns of the UFC video blog to promote UFC 101.


  1. dane drebin says:

    randy's lookin ripped as ever unless nog comes back with a vengence i dont see him beating randy it doesnt seem like randys been hit by father time quite yet.

  2. i was thinking the same thing, i was going with nog on this one and i think nog at his best is better than randy but i don't know if we will ever see that nog again and randy looks like he is more than ready it will be hard to bet against him in this one now.

  3. dane drebin says:

    i base my prediction mainly on watching both their standup against sylvia. nog looked like a fish out of water and randy was schooling tim. i think a sub is nogs only chance. i dont think nog is done and i think frank mir was a series of horrible events in his life and in that fight but i think randy is the better fighter and a bad matchup. i dont see randy letting this fight go to the matt for very long at all and randyhas the choice of where this fight will take place. never count out nog but the chips are stacked against him in my eyes.

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