UFC 102 Couture vs Nogueira Promo Video

UFC 102 “Couture vs. Nogueira” LIVE August 29 from the Rose Garden Arena in Portland, Oregon.


  1. This card has 4 really good fights scheduled….

    Couture vs Nogueira

    Maia vs Marquardt

    Thiago Silva vs "The Dean"…LOL

    and Hamill vs Vera

    It should be a good event to watch.

  2. first two are going to be interesting. not so excited about the rest. vera used to be so cocky but at least he was good. now after taking a year off, he sucks and fights really cautiously. sadly, i think maia will beat nate. i take hamil over vera. i am going with nog over couture. silva should be able to come out on top.

  3. I predict:

    Couture wins by decision

    Maia wins by submission

    Silva wins by KO

    Hamill wins by decision

  4. yeah Maia probably has the sickest BJJ on the planet. That guy can probably submit anyone. Nate Marquart a world class grapller himself with international experience. but is still think Maia will be able to submit him because Ricardo almeida also submitted Marquart. I think Almeida and Maia are the best Jiu jit su practioners

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