UFC 102 ‘Couture vs Nogueira’ Fight Poster

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  1. i THINK Nog will probley win this..

    Jardine baby all the way…

  2. we need to see Hardy vs Swick, Or Hardy vs Matt Brown??

    there arent many good welter weight in the UFC..they need Sheild, daiz, Paul Dayle,

  3. Badass!!!!!

  4. I love me some Randy

  5. Randy vs Nog will be good and i see Nog getting the win..

    carwin should eget the winner??

    Jardine WOULD GET THE WIN..

  6. indeed, randy-nog is pretty evenly matched. randy has zero chin, but then again, nog has zero power. they both are usually very well conditioned and have excellent work ethics. i think it will go to a decision. thiago-jardine will be good. jardine has an awkward style and i think he will put it out.

  7. Randy wins… and I'm a Nog fan (out of the 2 anyways)

    Silva will beat Jardine.

  8. The only time Randy has been knocked out cold is when he fought Chuck the last two of their three bouts, when Chuck was the best and most feared striker in the world. Randy had heart and balls to stand up with Chuck. Watch his fight with Van Arsdale, he took multiple, big shots in that fight.

  9. Randy is old…. and you're forgetting about Brock Lesnar.

    Chuck was NEVER the best striker in the world, he got beat by Jackson BOTH times he fought him.

    Nog has terrible stand up… its just terrible, Nog can only win Via Sub, and Randy is a Wrestler so he'll control the fight.

  10. i am embarrased to say it but NOG is a can look at the beating tim sylvia gave him before the submission yes tim sylvia even heath herring almost pulled it off

  11. a can? and almost dosn't mean alot nog won, he looked like shit against mir and that was it he might be over the hill and on his way out but a can never.he was sick when he fought mir will see how he looks in his next fight before i write him off though he might be able to make one more run at the title but his next fight will tell it all.

  12. yea yea, Randy's been old his whole career

  13. i see randy controlling the fight with his wrestling also.

    i think jardine will get knocked out but you never know with him.

  14. this will be a stand up fight and i think Noh will get the win for sure..

    Yall are crazy if you thing Jardine will lose this fight..He has beat Chuck,Vera, Mike Whitehead, and more good ppl..Who has T silva Beaten??

  15. i kinda agree with tom on this.

    one who ever said randy has no chin is crazy go watch his figths with pedro he has only been knocked out by chuck and rocked by lesnar.

    nog is a good boxer people don't know that but go watch his fight with herring other than the kick nog out boxed him the whole time.

    nog vs randy is a tough one to call i sw randy get submitted by overeem in under a minute i beleave but its hard to say witch one has more left this fight should tell us, i will go with nog

    thiago vs jardine tom is kinda right who has thiago beaten?jardine went the distace with rampage and beat chuck,and vera i like thiago but i think jardine gets the win by decision.

  16. Cobra Clutch says:

    - Nog

    - Jardine

    - Zag

    - Hamill

    - Irvin

    - Marquardt/Maia: Too tough to call.

  17. jardine beat chuck everyone! wait… didn't everyone beat Chuck?! (even wandy beat chuck, Judges just scored WAY to much for chucks useless takedowns)

    Jardine went the distance with Rampage who to be honest looked terrible in that fight, almost like he didn't turn up. Vera… meh ok at best.

    i got Marq to beat Maia and Silva to beat Jardine.

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