UFC 101 “Declaration” Results LIVE

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UFC 101 “Declaration” on August 8th from the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Headlining the card is two great match-ups, first BJ Penn will defend his UFC lightweight belt against TUF 1′s Kenny “KenFlo” Florian. Also, Anderson “The Spider” Silva steps up a weight to take on Forrest Griffin in the nights co-main event.

CageToday.com will have live results of the event starting with the undercard at 8:30 EST, with the PPV to follow at 10:30 EST.



Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin Video

BJ Penn vs Kenny Florian Fight Video


  1. Whoever thinks the Silva vs Griffen fight was fixed you need a reality check, he is that damn good the true p4p king. Everyone thought griffen was going 2 pressure silva thats funny you guys havent caught on yet, Silva and Machida are on another level when u presure them yr playing right into there game. The only reason leites didnt get knocked out is cause he ran and laid down the whole fight. R U guys really that shocked Evans just knocked him out in his last fight, and look what machida did 2 him!

  2. Killah Hillz says:

    Thanks for copying my post, Tim…way to contribute.

    You guys talk about fixes…you try fighting the best p4p fighter in the world with a dislocated jaw. Forrest deserves WAY more respect than y'all are giving him. That's bullshit. He has proven himself time and time again over the years. If he was really hurt bad, then a little jab is going to really kill ya…it's going to hurt really bad. So, stop whining like a bunch of girls and get over the face that shit happens. Facts are facts and the facts are:

    Silva is an amazing fighter…probably the best p4p in the world, and just because his opponents didn't engage him, it's not HIS fault.

    Forrest is a tough fighter, but clearly out-matched in the skill department.

    Silva is NOT cocky. He's very respectful. I think some of you guys think he's cocky because of the dropping the hands and dodging punches. Just because he's got style and flava and enjoying himself doesn't make him cocky. Silva didn't do a damn thing cocky. He did to Griffen what Ali, Pernell and others have done in the past in the ring. What about Prince Naseem? Now THAT'S a cocky mf'er. Silva's always respectful.

    What about KenFlo saying he's going to kill the master and everything. Why wasn't he cocky? I know why you guys aren't saying it, but I'm not going to go there…

  3. Pea...tear...Griffin says:

    First off i am sad to have the last name Griffin, the Griffin name to put to shame last night. SHAME, SHAME…

    Killah hillz, Who the fuck is whining like girls??? And what the hell are they whining about??? You need to chill out and go take your happy pill…Ha, ha…Yeahh, yeahhh…

  4. Killah Hillz says:

    Stop whining Peter Griffin. Stop complaining. All you girls do on this site is whine and complain and yell at each other. You can all get fucked.

  5. Killah Hillz says:

    Stop crying, and buy a real name. step up or shut up, pussy ass bitch.

  6. NIce dive Forrest…Did Don King co-promote that fight?

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