UFC 100 Video: Thiago Alves Training For GSP With Team Wand

Thiago Alves in Las Vegas at Wanderlei Silva’s new gym, training for his UFC welterweight super fight with Georges St. Pierre at UFC 100.


  1. i really can see thiago knocking out gsp, his stand up is more dangerous then gsp, he has very good takedown defence, stopping gsp's takedowns is another question

  2. i really can see thiago knocking out gsp, his stand up is more dangerous then gsp, he has very good takedown defence, stopping gsp's takedowns is another question tho

  3. RatAttack68 says:

    I don't know who will win but the GSP and thiago fight should be great. I thing thiago can definitely give GSP trouble

  4. look what GSP did to Fitch a great stand up fighter and he destroyed him at his own game for 5 rounds and remember Fitch beat Alves already. This is not an easy one for sure but GSP can contol guys and if things get dangerous on the feet he will have his way taking Alves down as he has no take down defense. A win and we will see GSP against Spider at 180 catchweight.

  5. PoppyNick says:

    Jack……have you ever watched Alves fight????? Apparently not because his take down defense is GREAT! Koscheck could not get him down and whether you believe it or not he is a better wrestler than GSP. Second, Fitch is not a great striker either….he is a wrestler. I hope Alves whips his ass and I think he can. GSP is actually going to face someone who can match his strength and might possibly be stronger.

  6. dane drebin says:

    ya jack fitch isnt a great striker lmao.

  7. RatAttack68 says:

    I agree that Koscheck had a hard time taking thiago down but he was able stand with him and GSP can take koscheck so I think it will be a great fight

  8. GSP is always exciting. he's never ever had a dull fight. thiago's strength will be his biggest pro. GSP has the well roundedness on his side. i pick GSP. as for anderson silva, that coward needs to stop fighting like lyoto machida and actually fight. silva has looked like shit in his alst 3 fights, just because he is too cautious. GSP will beat anderson.

  9. dane drebin says:

    Fitch beat alves when alves was a lot smaller and less inexperienced i think the fight would be way more competitive if they faught again and alves would have a gtood chance at beating fitch.

    P.S. i would pay to watch wand and alves's sparring

  10. poppynick shut your bitch ass up and go suck alves dick you homo gsp with fuck your moms ass till it bleeds noob

  11. Whether Alves is bigger or not it really imo doesnt matter. Thigao was pretty big when he fought fitch. But Alves has improved so much since he fought Fitch its not even funny. Thiago Alves is no joke. Do I think he will beat GSP? No but I wouldnt be shocked if he caught him and finished the fight. GSP is just picking people apart and its gonna take Thiagos best to beat GSp at this point.

  12. I think Alves has gotten bigger though and that he would beat Fitch if they fought again. Alves is just a different fighter.

  13. dane drebin says:

    Alves has definetly come a long way since back in the day when he got subbed by spencer fisher

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