UFC 100 Video: Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 2 Trailer

In-Depth preview trailer of Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir 2 fight set for July 11th at UFC 100.


  1. Brock baby well i hope

  2. mir by sub. i bet you brock will be a heavy betting favorite though, despite the outcome of their 1st fight.

  3. Such a huge difference in editing and production quality with this UFC trailer vs the Affliction 3 one above it. Not sure why it stood out for me so much this time but the quality just isn't there for the Trilogy trailer.

    Glad Mir beat Nog but I gotta think Brock is going to take this. Won't earn him any respect from the hardcore crowd simply because they just don't like what he represents with his entry into top tier contention. I like him but then again I just like fights.

    GSP over Alves (should be a hell of a show)

    God I hope Hendo shuts Bis up, he annoyed the hell outta me on TUF.

  4. agreed. UFC has the better trailer. UFC 11 will be worth the PPV money. brock-mir would be interesting. bisping-hendo will be a war. and alves-GSP will also be good.

  5. Cobra Clutch says:

    um….UFC 11? I am NOT paying for a re-broadcast of UFC 11 from thirteen years ago. I'm going to have friends over for UFC 100 on July 11, which strangely enough ALSO has a Brock-Mir fight. hahaha.

    Actually, Mark Coleman won UFC 11, and now is also fighting in UFC 100, so derek must be a Mark Coleman fan to bring up UFC 11. hahaha.

  6. Cobra Clutch says:

    I want these fighters to win:

    - Mir

    - GSP

    - Hendo

    But I think it will go:

    - Lesnar

    - GSP

    - Bisping

  7. i agree with Cobra on all but one.




    but i want.

    oh shi that is what i want to win! :P

    but i'll be happy if Brock kills Mir (he's getting too cocky for beating a sick and old Nog, who on style wise alone he was set to beat.)

  8. mir by ankle lock i hope

  9. whodini says:

    i just wanna see someone bust ol Brock up a little …see him shed a little blood .. hope its Mir …hope anyway

  10. I loved it when Randy caught him under his eye and started dripping blood. I'd rather see Mir break something, hopefully his nose, then a limb. God, I hate Lesnar.

  11. i want lesnar to beat mir, and than get busted up by carwin or gonzaga or someone.

  12. Lesnar will demolish Mir…no way Lesnar is going to make another rookie mistake…Mir barely escaped their first encounter with help from the ref…this time he wont be so lucky.

  13. I agree Tim, but I still think it can go both ways. You know damn well that Lesnar is working his subs and defense.

  14. Mir by submission 1st, 4th or 5th round.

  15. Its hard to have hope for someone who is goin up against a 250 pound monster who moves like a 160 pound fighter and punches like a man on roid rage. Its like a deer caught in a head light.

  16. I think Mir made a good point that a Brock that is out of control, nervous, and charging is hard to fight. Brock needs to come in with the killer instinct and just try to Break Mir. If he comes in really technical I don't know if he is going to have the same success against a seasoned fighter. Brocks anxious fighting style was unorthodox in their first fight.

  17. brock is big and relies on his speed and strength and mir relies on submissions and mistakes,im going with….mir im a big fan of brock but his grappling needs more work,if he works on it i'll pick brock till den its piece of sh*t mir

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