UFC 100 “Lesnar vs. Mir 2″ SOLD OUT In Record Time


Breaking all records, UFC 100 tickets sold out before the general public even had a chance at them. Here’s a clip from the press release.

Tickets for UFC® 100 are SOLD OUT. The historic UFC 100 event, with three blockbuster fights already confirmed, received a massive response from UFC® Fight Club“„¢ and Newsletter members, creating a sellout in record time.

“I started hearing about UFC 100 around UFC 90. I am blown away by how excited fans were for this event,” said Dana White, UFC President. “So I made sure to stack this card with the greatest fights and greatest fighters in the world, and keep ticket prices consistent with our other big events. Once again, our fans responded with a record sellout. This is another great milestone for the UFC, and July 11 is going to be an amazing event.”

After an epic turnout from the April 9 Internet presale for UFC Fight Club fans, the majority of the seats were sold by 3pm ET, with the official sellout taking place today during the UFC Newsletter presale. The tickets prices were: $1,000, $750, $500, $300, $200 and $100.


  1. This is where "us" the fans get screwed. All of the online ticket brokers bought up all the tickets and will sell them to us at a premium. Sucks for the real fans.

    I bet Dana has some kickbacks from these bloodsucking brokers.

  2. Yes i agree, but you have to understand that the fighters get about 2-5 tickets each depending upon their status as a fighter and plus all the marketers get seats and then the public and well you can still find seats on Ticketmaster i believe for 150….

  3. indeed.

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