UFC 100 Lesnar vs Mir 2 Betting Odds

Raw Las Vegas’s Dave Farra and Cagewriter Steve Cofield break down UFC 100 betting odds. UFC 100 odds are all over the place, depending on what sportsbook you choose.


  1. Manny Tapia meets former WEC champ Eddie Wineland at WEC 43 in September

  2. holy crap!!! BJ got some new training partners!! 6-7-09

    He has the diaz bros. yves edwards and i guess some guy named brandon as his training partners. talk about a step up in training partners.

  3. i fancy




  4. My predictions are …

    Hendo wins by KO in round 1…

    GSP wins by Decision…

    And Lesnar wins by TKO in round 2…

  5. i like your predictions zack, i hope it goes down that way

  6. Hendo KO in first? NO CHANCE.

    Bisping is one hard SOB to hit… Hendo is losing his speed fast, if he does KO Bisping its going to be done to a fluke.

  7. Yeah right before the Machida and Rashad fight most people here were on Rashads nuts. Even cage writer steve cofiled predicted rashad to win. I know we are gonna see a big surprise this saturday so make sure your predictions are right

  8. yeah lol, i had Machida to win anyway, and hes going to rule that weight for sometime. (unless Jackson hits him square on the chin)

  9. if hendo knocks him out it won't be a fluke, i agree the first round is probally hoping for to much maybe the 2nd or third rd ko.

  10. Cant Believe Bisping said that Hendo would be a walk in the park.I hope Hendo is in Great shape because he is a very exciting fighter. Man he has got power in his right hand. And i hope he can shut up bisping

  11. Mike, your the most ignorant person commenting of this website. Hendo still is fast and monster power in his hands and is going to cut the cage off from Bisping, so he cant just runaway and land one of those bombs and KTFO of Bisping. Dan has a iron chin, unlike Bisping and he's a way better all around fighter with his excellent Greco Roman wrestling and extreme punching power. He 's definitely not going to KO or submit Dan. Bisping has no chance to win.

    Dan's the man and Bisping's a bitch…

  12. where is evidence that hendo is slowing down. Bisping gets frustrated when things dont go his away. In the leben fight leben rocked him and he got confused and started backing up. Watch him run like a chicken from Hendo!!

  13. Bisping has a bad Chin? eh?

    Dan has no power left… last time he knocked someone out was 2 years ago!

    and that was Wandy…. who has been on a bad scale since.

  14. Exactly, Jay…

    Dan is slow and has no power left? That just stupid…

    He just about KO'd Rich in the 1st Round and was rocking and dropping Palahares thoughout that entire fight. I dont know what Dan Henderson you've been watching.

  15. where you talking to me david? i never said i was so smart about picking the winner just who i thought would win. maybe you should go bet your house on bisping if you think different.

  16. the only way i see bisping winning this fight is by running the whole fight and winning a decision, hendo could ko him or gnp for 3 rounds wither way is fine by me.

  17. Mike He rocked and dropped rousimar Palhres pretty bad.

    and he got awesome defense on the ground against him as well. I mean what threat does Bisping have his Stupid british Accentg??

  18. Zach i meant "where is evidence that he is slowing down"???? I mean dan Is still fast and explosive

  19. I agree with you, Roy.

    That is going to be Bisping's plan, to back up and keep running away. There no CHANCE of Bisping, knocking out or submiting Hendo. It just won't happen. I see Dan cutting off the cage and landing a huge left or right hand and knocking Bisping out.

  20. Jay, i never said Dan is slowing down. That was someone else.

  21. Dan is still Explosive yes, but definitely slowing down.

  22. Then are you picking Bisping to beat Hendo?

  23. yes, I'm Picking Bisping to get a UD over Hendo.

  24. or split dec

  25. You are f*cking crazy.

    Dan wins by KO, TKO or maybe decision, if he's got to chase Bisping around for 3 rounds, like a scared lil bitch.

  26. lol, you insult Bisping for the way he fights…. and he fights the same way as Machida…. I'm will to bet you don't hate on him tho?

  27. i wouldn't put him up there with machida.he is a decent fighter but i don't know if he is a true top fighter yet, this fight will say alot about him.

  28. No, I hate that piss drinking, Machida just has much Bisping's douchebag, ass. Maybe not as much as Bisping. Bisping is a straight bitch and i hope Dan f*cking kills him.

  29. Thats how he's going to win, like i said with a big left or right hand.

    Bisping ran away that whole Leben fight, because he was scared to exchange and get KO'd. He threw a punch or two and than ran away.

    You think Bisping is the only challenge for Anderson. That's pretty funny. Dan has a way better shot to beat Anderson. Get in Anderson's face and KO him or take him down and pound on him. Dan won the first round against Anderson and looked better than anyone else who has fought him. Dan just got stunned by a punch and than got submitted. Anyone can get caught and i think Dan could catch Anderson.

  30. no i meant with the way he fights… hes so evasive, takes his time and strikes when the opponent is open, just look at the Leben fight, Bisping looking in control throughout and Leben looked like he’d been mauled by a bear afterwards.

    Dan is a GREAT striker, but hes no Anderson Silva. there is really only two ways for Dan to win this.

    1; on the ground
    2; catches Bisping with a big hit.

    right now Bisping for me is the only real Challenge for Anderson in 185lbs, everyone else he has beat (he’d beat Wandy too but that’d be an awesome fight)

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