TUF Rumor: Frank Mir, Nogueira Pined At Coaches of Season 8

According to CagePotato:

An unofficial source tells Cage Potato that the coaches have been signed for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, and they are none other than UFC heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and former champ Frank Mir.

Of course, this means that Mir will be getting the next shot at the heavyweight strap, and that the title will be out of circulation for a looooong time while they film, edit, and air the show.

Two top picks for the next season of TUF, as long as they could figure a way around “Big” Nogs language barrier. Who wouldn’t want to see a top notch Brazilian team in action.


  1. That would be an interesting match up for the belt two well respected black belts going at eachother might be a stale mate or very exciting but definitely worth seeing

  2. i hate when they use the champ in these shows tying up the belt, they should use vets or retired fighters not the cahmp, also i don't think mir deserves a title shot yet but i guess they don't have anyone else.

  3. Yeah it sucks that they have to tie up the belt like that. I like the match up and I saw it coming. They haven't even started filming the show so this is going to be a long time from now.

  4. hell yeah like next school year which is gay

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